Publishing Goldmine by Vincent Noot

Udemy course Publishing Goldmine by Vincent Noot

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  • Author: Vincent Noot
  • Course rating: 3.6
  • Category: Marketing
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Vincent Noot

I was born and raised in the Netherlands. I speak Dutch and English fluently, and several other languages well. I am an artist, author, and entrepreneur. Many of my business and writing skills have been put to good use in the publishing industry, as a well as in technical aspects on the internet and for various companies. I am happy to show you what I know about a number of topics, related or unrelated to each other. You’re never too young or old to learn, and it begins by simply taking a course or listening to someone with more experience. My whole life, I’ve developed a passion for art, for drawing and painting. I’ve been to art university and have successfully taught hundreds of people how to become a better artist and make an income with it. Some of my video courses will, therefore, refer to various techniques and methods I’ve learned that can help you paint, draw, or digitally edit images. Other videos courses will refer to money-making skills or marketing tricks I’ve learned over the years.

Publishing Goldmine

What the udemy Publishing Goldmine course teaches?

What you’ll learn Insiders and insights from a successful self-publisher Tips and tricks to avoid account termination or books being blocked Advice on outsourcing and writing books Myths and strategies in the self-publishing business Ways to leverage Amazon’s enormous platform Motivation to keep working hard on an online business

Clever Self-Publishing Tips and Insights from a Six-Figure Publisher

More information about the course Publishing Goldmine

Are you into making passive income or self-publishing on the internet? Have you been deceived by lying YouTubers or confused by the immensity of the publishing business? Are you frustrated that your books aren’t selling or you are having a hard time promoting your content? Then this is the best course for you. In this simple compilation of videos, several points, informational gold nuggets, and avoidable mistakes are brought forward to help you on your journey to making the most out of your book business. In section 1, you will learn more about what is behind the publishing business on Amazon and other platforms.¬†You’ll understand who makes money, how you can speed up the process and keep your costs low. In section 2, the emphasis lies on the various mistakes you could make, and how to avoid them. Tricks and tips can aid in the process of scaling up faster and avoiding high costs or useless endeavors. In section 3, the dark side of self-publishing is revealed, with more information about reviews, swapping, and how to keep your Amazon publishing account safe. In section 4, some keyword research tips are brought to light to help you find the best markets to enter. In section 5, some words of motivation and inspiration are added, as well as the conspiracies in the industry, and the deceitful ways in which people try to sell shovels to people mining for gold. All in all, it’s a course with various aspects every publisher should know about, put together by an experienced, hard-working, successful, fulltime writer/publisher/cover designer/marketer.

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