Public Speaking Masterclass : Design . Develop . Deliver by Paul Evans

Udemy course Public Speaking Masterclass : Design . Develop . Deliver by Paul Evans

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  • Author: Paul Evans
  • Course rating: 4.0
  • Category: Personal Development
  • Modality: Online
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  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Paul Evans

Paul Evans helps elite entrepreneurs and experts accelerate their achievement. His courses and consulting clear the clutter and focus on the essentials of body, beliefs and business.

Public Speaking Masterclass : Design . Develop . Deliver

What the udemy Public Speaking Masterclass : Design . Develop . Deliver course teaches?

What you’ll learn Design incredible content for your keynote and presentations Develop the essential skills to become an incredible public speaker Deliver your message with confidence and connection!

How to create and deliver messages that are memorable, portable and sharable – all without fear.

More information about the course Public Speaking Masterclass : Design . Develop . Deliver

Paul has given more than 2,500 presentations and has helped more than 35,000 people reach their dream of being a public speaker. He gave his first speech at age 12 and was being paid to speak by the time he was 16. In this course you will receive… STEP BY STEP TRAINING Clear, precise, applicational training that you can use immediately. CONFIDENT SPEAKING This course provides everything you need to present without fear! DETAILED CASE STUDY You will see a presentation being built on the fly from an impromptu audience member topic. ACCELERATED RESULTS You can become a better speaker right now without having to travel or spend 3 days in a seminar room Dear Speaker, Does doubt about your message overwhelm you when you speak? Palms sweating? Heart thumping? Throat lumping? Knees knocking? Memory fading? Armpits streaming? Lungs panting? Legs shaking? Voice earthquaking? Mouth caking like seared mud in the desert? Amazingly, most people spend time searching the net for THE secret to overcoming their fear of speaking. Many download all the free answers they can find. They practice breathing techniques, positive visualization, but find them shallow and unhelpful. In fact, such “techniques” can actually increase anxiety. Yet, if you ask those same people if they have a solid outline. An unforgettable message. A lecture or speech of encouragement. A presentation so good the audience will walk away richer for having been there. They won’t have a clue. Listen. If you are not convinced you have a surefire, can’t miss, blow their minds message, no amount of “fear calming techniques” will do you any good. If you are NOT stepping to the microphone with a winning speech, you should be afraid . But it doesn’t have to be that way! You can step forward with confidence. Public Speaking Mastery will allow you to… Stand before an audience without fear. Fear paralyzes and prevents you from doing your best. You’ll get an entire special report on the issue and you’ll get it as a FREE bonus. Let your ears flood with compliment after compliment about your great speaking. Wow the crowd with your content. Hear the audience laugh and have fun. See their smiles. Watch people lean forward in their seats as they hang on your every word. Captivate the crowd. Make them glad they didn’t miss your event. Create a great talk in l ess time than watching a couple of sitcoms . Stay on track without getting derailed . Keep your message tight. Rest assured that what you share will make a long-term difference in the lives of the audience. Help others transform their lives. Motivate people to achievement. Be accepted and find belonging as a speaker, not a wannabe. Do more than just get through the talk, get good. ***Plus…Here’s a silent bonus no one tells you about: Increase Your income. Studies show that 87% of a person’s earning potential is directly linked to public speaking skills Paul has a knack for engaging audiences–and teaching others how to do the same. He makes the difficult seem doable by providing simples, practical steps. Erin Casey, editor, Success Magazine SUCCESSFUL PUBLIC SPEAKING CONSISTS OF 3 ELEMENTS… 1. CONTENT. A message packed with practical, easy to remember, and useful information. It must be memorable and portable. 2. CONFIDENCE. Knowing that what you share will be valuable and useful, and that you are the one to share it. 3. CONNECTION. You must be able to draw the audience into the message. That’s what brings the laughter, the tears, the standing ovations. Not only will the combination of those three erase your fear, they will keep you from being dull and boring. And whatever you do – don’t be dull and boring. Nothing’s worse than looking into the audience’s eyes…and they’re closed! Stop Saying “No” When You Are Asked to Speak Get this system today and accept speaking engagements immediately. The reason most people turn down an opportunity to speak is fear. They’re afraid of not knowing what to say, or how to say it. Tha…

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