Progressive Web Apps (PWA) – From Beginner to Expert by Chris Love

Udemy course Progressive Web Apps (PWA) – From Beginner to Expert by Chris Love

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  • Author: Chris Love
  • Course rating: 3.9
  • Category: Development
  • Modality: Online
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  • Idiom: English

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Progressive Web Apps (PWA) - From Beginner to Expert

What the udemy Progressive Web Apps (PWA) – From Beginner to Expert course teaches?

What you’ll learn How to build the best in class web applications What Progresssive Web Apps Are and Why They Should Develop Them How to craft the perfect Add To Homescreen Experience Why all websites should be secure and how to secure them What a Service Worker Is How to develop Service Workers Using good JavaScript practices The Service Worker Life Cycle What Service Worker Caching is Different Caching Strategies and How to Apply them in a real application Progressive Web Application and Service Worker Tools How to polyfil legacy browsers and platforms to provide many PWA features How to add native push notifications to any website Show more Show less

Learn How To Deliver the Best User Experiences using the Best Web Technology

More information about the course Progressive Web Apps (PWA) – From Beginner to Expert

Progressive Web Applications are just web sites that progressively become apps. But how does this happen? It takes skilled developers that understand a new way to create web sites that are fast, reliable and engaging. In this course you will learn what progressive web applications are, why you need to master them and why your stakeholders want progressive web applications over traditional web sites and native applications. Businesses of all sizes are discovering the power progressive web applications bring to help them reach and engage their audiences. This means they can increase revenues while decreasing costs. Brands like Twitter, Lyft, The Washington Post, Forbes and Weather channel have all discovered the benefits upgrading to a progressive web application bring. The success these companies are having is driving more demand for developers skilled in service workers, web manifest, push notifications and more. You will learn how to craft an app shell so your experience can progressively load with an instant presence. I expose you to everything you need to know about progressive web applications and service workers. This course starts each section addressing the beginner, assuming you have no prior knowledge of the topic. Each section progresses and covers more and more detail until there is just about no nook or cranny not exposed. The course includes video modules that review a combination of slides and code demos. Slides and source code references are included so you can follow along outside the course. Quizzes are also included so you can identify topics you may need to review and sharpen. Finally, the course also includes some articles about selected topic as an additional reference. You will master the web manifest file so you can tell the browser how to render your brand’s desired experience. HTTPS Home Screen/Installation Experience How each browser is and plans to implement PWA support Service Workers Service Worker Life Cycle Service Worker Caching Push Notifications Background Synchronization Basic Performance Best Practices and how to implement the PRPL and RAIL Patterns. This course does not use any JavaScript frameworks. All examples, primarily a demo site called Fast Furniture, rely on vanilla JavaScript. The site does use Bootstrap 4 as a CSS library, but know prior Bootstrap knowledge is required. This does not mean I wont add lectures demonstrating how to use some of the framework PWA CLI tools over time.

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