Presentation Skills for Beginners & Intermediate Level by Garima Goyal

Udemy course Presentation Skills for Beginners & Intermediate Level by Garima Goyal

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  • Author: Garima Goyal
  • Course rating: 4.7
  • Category: Teaching & Academics
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Garima Goyal

I’m Garima Goyal, HR & L&D Professional with a flair for Creativity and Excellence  with over 16 years of experience. As a facilitator, I intend to make my journey fruitful by enabling, empowering and encouraging learners to be better professional and individuals. I firmly believe the fact “ Keep learning and you’ll never forget what it’s like to be a learner”. When one feels the different emotions as a learner, you’re more likely to create courses in a more nuanced and engaging way.

Presentation Skills for Beginners & Intermediate Level

What the udemy Presentation Skills for Beginners & Intermediate Level course teaches?

What you’ll learn Learning about different types of Audience Presenting with Audience Perspective How to create an Elevator pitch Engaging the audience throughout your presentation Building Credibility while Presenting Confidently Delivering your message across Approaches and audience demographics Making Yourself Self Confident while presenting

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More information about the course Presentation Skills for Beginners & Intermediate Level

During this course you will learn how to master your Presentation Skills and build connect with the audience. Being a certified trainer I always look for credibility in information and innovative methods while presenting. So why not establish and strengthen your impact while presenting with this course. The course will groom the personality of the presenter and and elevate his/her level of confidence. It will enable an individual to mold his/her message according to the traits of the audience. This increases the probability of successful transmission of messages. In case of striking deals and winning clients, it is essential for the professionals for value addition to the organization. Unleash the effect of storytelling in making positive conversations. Give the audience what they want and meet their expectations Even if you’re new to delivering presentations, you’ll find these simple and practical techniques easy to use and apply to your work! It shall help boost your morale and increase retention span of your audience immensely. This course shall surely enable you to build yourself as a great presenter across all stages and steps in your career. Upon following the guidelines shared you can portray professionalism and meaningful impact with your audience. You shall always be recognized and a leader in presentation skills.

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