Preschool Music Singing Games and Activities by Risa Greenwood

Udemy course Preschool Music Singing Games and Activities by Risa Greenwood

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  • Author: Risa Greenwood
  • Course rating: 4.3
  • Category: Other Music
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Risa Greenwood

As a music educator I have taught children music in many settings.  I think my love for teaching young children music took root while working as an assistant preschool music teacher at Brigham Young University where I earned a bachelor’s degree in choral music education.  I then spent several years teaching in the public schools as a junior high choir teacher in Utah and an elementary music specialist in Massachusetts.  While in Massachusetts, I earned a master’s degree in education from Harvard University.  I have taught preschool music in my home, spent many hours volunteering with music in my community and have taught private piano lessons.  My community involvement has included directing children’s choirs, women’s choirs and mixed choirs as well as serving and working professionally as a piano accompanist.

Preschool Music Singing Games and Activities

What the udemy Preschool Music Singing Games and Activities course teaches?

What you’ll learn After taking this course, each participant will have a repertoire of over 20 fun and engaging musical activities to share with young children. Each student will know how to direct children in meaningful musical play and help children engage in positive, social musical games and activities that contribute to their early musical and social development. The course specifically targets how to help young children recognize the pulse (or the beat), learn to use their singing voice and use musical play with movement to engage in learning. Students will learn techniques for teaching music successfully to young children and receive additional resources to help introduce children to music listening activities and musical instruments.

Sharing music activities and teaching tools to help introduce young children to melody, rhythm and movement.

More information about the course Preschool Music Singing Games and Activities

This course has been designed to serve as a resource for parents, caregivers and preschool teachers to aide in providing young children with enriching musical experiences.  The course introduces over 20 musical games and singing activities using traditional and folk songs that are simple and engaging for children.  The activities in the videos focus on three areas: how to help children feel the beat in music, how to sing simple melodies and learning about music through movement.  The course includes additional activities and resources to help children explore music independently or with an aide of a teacher or parent. Resources for music listening, learning about music instruments and creating music centers are included.  The course also provides instruction on how to teach music successfully to young children.  Lessons include how to teach music by rote, what to expect developmentally from preschool children and how to encourage participation and successfully teach young children. If you have a young child at home or professionally care for young children, this course is for you.

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