Practical Public Speaking Training by Steve Corney

Udemy course Practical Public Speaking Training by Steve Corney

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  • Author: Steve Corney
  • Course rating: 4.4
  • Category: Business
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Steve Corney

Steve Corney has been rocking worlds and creating amazingly engaging online courses for individuals, companies and the education sector for over 10 years. In that time Steve has developed a unique ability to really connect with his audience and provide relevant and easy to apply, actionable content to his learners.

Practical Public Speaking Training

What the udemy Practical Public Speaking Training course teaches?

What you’ll learn Develop rock solid confidence to deliver amazing presentations Conquer your nerves and know how to turn them into positive energy Engage with your audience and rock their worlds Strengthen their speaking muscles, allowing them to make public speaking enjoyable Know how to dedicate time to “Public Speaking Training” instead of rehearsing

Rock peoples worlds with the only public speaking course that actually teaches you how to train your speaking muscles.

More information about the course Practical Public Speaking Training

Practical Public Speaking Training exists to help you actually TRAIN your speaking muscles. Just like your muscles in the gym, if you don’t consistently work out, your muscles will get weaker. The same goes when it comes to public speaking training. How many people when they are given an opportunity to speak, end up simply rehearsing their speech and that’s it? – I think we are all guilty of this at some point. How can we expect to get any better without specific training. Enter Practical Public Speaking Training. This course has been designed to give you a tried and tested gym program to help you strengthen your public speaking muscles so that when the time comes to speak in front of a group, you can do so knowing your speaking muscles are rock solid and ready for action. This approach is unique and is the only course that will provide specific activities to help you train specific aspects of your speaking. If you need to improve your volume control, train those muscles. If you need to improve vocal variety, train those muscles. If you need to be better at speaking off the cuff, we have activities designed to strengthen those aspects of your speaking. Course inclusions: Exercise library for all your speaker muscle training activities Discussion lectures on how to engage, ignite and inspire your audience Creating winning presentation structures that rock worlds Self analysis to understand the areas you need to improve on This course is completely self directed and with lifetime access you can complete your public speaking training daily or weekly, really whenever you feel like you need a tune up. But just like any muscle.. if you fail to train it for weeks, even months, when it comes time to present and use them, you may find that they are completely out of shape 🙂

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