PowerPoint Presentations BOSS LEVEL by Daniel Turan

Udemy course PowerPoint Presentations BOSS LEVEL by Daniel Turan

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  • Author: Daniel Turan
  • Course rating: 4.3
  • Category: Business
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Daniel Turan

Having worked in both Corporate line functions, management consulting & start ups, I have created and presented around 5,678,947,362,728,292 slides in the last 20+ years of my professional life.

PowerPoint Presentations BOSS LEVEL

What the udemy PowerPoint Presentations BOSS LEVEL course teaches?

What you’ll learn PowerPoint presentations Design concepts Story telling

How to unlock the secrets of story telling and graphic design to create stunning presentations

More information about the course PowerPoint Presentations BOSS LEVEL

This course is designed for anyone who needs to design, create and deliver presentations in a professional context. Be it at work or for an investor pitch. Anyone who needs to create slides should take this course. The course covers two main areas: Storytelling – How to plan and map out your content in a structured, compact and easily digestible manner Design concepts – How to apply various, simple graphic design concepts to create beautiful and visually stunning presentations you are proud of. Included are over 2 hours of course content , downloadable pdf resources , presentation checklists , and a custom designed, 50 slide PowerPoint template that you can use for virtually any presentation need. For Free! After taking this course you will: Become the presentation expert in your department, your line of work or in your industry Get the attention from your executives when presenting your next management report Learn how to maximize your workflows so that you don’t need to spend hours over hours on slides Never be stressed about an upcoming presentation deadline Significantly improve your career success The major advantage of this course is that the principles you will learn can be applied to any presentation tool out there, whether that’s PowerPoint, Prezi, Google slides or whatever software you prefer.

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