Podcaster’s Delight: Podcasting Made Deliciously Smooth by AlejAndro Anastasio

Udemy course Podcaster’s Delight: Podcasting Made Deliciously Smooth by AlejAndro Anastasio

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  • Author: AlejAndro Anastasio
  • Course rating: 4.9
  • Category: Business
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth AlejAndro Anastasio

AlejAndro Anastasio has been a professional international speaker for the past ten years. He has spoken in seven different countries to people of all ages sharing his humorous and inspirational story of overcoming adversity, living a life of unlimited power, and the special qualities of living life with one hand.

Podcaster's Delight: Podcasting Made Deliciously Smooth

What the udemy Podcaster’s Delight: Podcasting Made Deliciously Smooth course teaches?

What you’ll learn A step by step process to make your podcasting experience deliciously smooth. When to do what from beginning to end. Learn from our mistakes and successes. How to choose the appropriate hardware and software. How to set up and use the blubrry powerpress plugin. The in’s and out’s of setting up your website. Understanding show notes, cover art, and final publishing.

Learn how to successfully launch your podcast from choosing your topic, to recording, to publishing your first episode.

More information about the course Podcaster’s Delight: Podcasting Made Deliciously Smooth

Do you want to start a podcast but don’t know where to start?  Feeling overwhelmed by all of the choices?  Tired of reviews, videos, and research? Are you ready to make podcasting deliciously smooth? In our course, we’ll walk you step-by-step from beginning to end.  We’ll help you with choosing your podcast’s name, understanding cover art and selecting your audience.  Each module is designed to help you understand what needs to happen at each stage of the process.  We’ll share our experiences with you, offer our recommendations, and make it simple and clear to follow. This course is designed for Mac and PC users.  We’ll cover microphones and hardware, sound recording software and recording techniques, show notes, and marketing your podcast.  We even help you set up your WordPress site, by understanding categories, permalinks, and slugs. Each of the seven Sections offers the results of our experiences, so you can easily launch your podcast. **All Sections have supporting checklist and links. Section 1 – Pre-podcast set up. Section 2 – Software checklist. Section 3 – Hardware checklist. Section 4 – General practice. Section 5 – Sound recording. Section 6 – Final organization. Section 7 – Marketing and social media. *Bonus flavor – Alejandro Shares 10 Speaking Tips For A More Professional Podcast. *Bonus flavor – Mark Shares 10 Tips For Branding and Marketing Your Podcast. ———————————————————— Who is the target audience: -People who want to start a podcast. -Beginners looking to build their brand, connect with their audience, and share a message. -Anyone looking for an easy and effective system for podcasting. Why should you listen to us? Because this is the product we wished we had when we started.  We took the guess-work out of the process.  AlejAndro is an international professional speaker, speaking coach, and wanna-be super hero.  Mark is an author, blogger, and personal development consultant.  We designed this course with you in mind.  Our goal was to make podcasting deliciously smooth. Like ice cream, our course sells itself. *No fillers.  No GMO’s.  No additives.  No preservatives. We make podcasting fun.

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