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Udemy course PMP Preparation Course by Mostafa megawer ahmed

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  • Author: Mostafa megawer ahmed
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  • Category: Teaching & Academics
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Abouth Mostafa megawer ahmed

Engineer Mostafa Megawar

PMP Preparation Course

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PMP Review Course . According to PMBOK 6th Edition. كورس مميز 2021 لادارة المشروعات الاحترافية . فهم حقيقى وشرح مبسط لكيفية ادارة مشروعاتك باحترافية . ايضا الكورس يؤهلك بجدارة لاجتياز الاختبار الحقيقى * Professional project management is the art of project management. How to manage your projects professionally. *The content of this course is 10 cognitive areas that are explained through 49 processes that I will explain in detail. And they are : 1- Project scope management: And this chapter, we will know together how the requirements are collected from all concerned so that we can define the scope of work well. You will also know how to Validate and control the scope of projects . 2- Project schedule management: Managing the project schedule and how to define activities and their sequence. Developing schedule. We will know together how the schedule is compressed and how to control the project schedule. 3- Project cost management : How to estimate the costs of activities – calculate the project budget – how to control project costs . 4- Project Quality management : Quality is knowing the characteristics of the product and then delivering the product according to these characteristics. How do you manage all quality management activities . What is the difference between quality control and quality assurance performance . How to control the projects quality management processes . 5- Project Resources management : Resources are (labor – equipment – materials – suppliers) .. Is there a difference between the project manager managing human resources and managing the physical resources? In this chapter, you will know when to be a leader of your project team and when to be a manager of your project team . 6- Project Communications management: In this chapter, we will know together what are the types of communication and what is the best way to communicate with those involved in your project. What are the skills as a project manager to make communication management successful? 7- Project Risk management:  What are risks and what are their types – how can you identify the risks of your project? How to rank these risks. Each risk must have an appropriate response plan. How to implement the risk response plan and then how can follow-up work on risks and re-evaluate risks . 8- Project procurement management : Types of contracts – how to manage contracts between the owner and seller. How can we identify potential sellers .  What are the criteria for choosing a project manager for a particular seller? 9- Project stakeholder management : How to make seller performance reviews 10- How can we identify stakeholders in the project to obtain a record of those involved Then we perform a process of analyzing the stakeholders so that we can know the authority and powers of each individual in the register Then we follow the process of following them up and sharing them with you in the project so that we can overcome all their problems. 11- How to integrate between all Knowledge Areas . 12- This Course Prepared By Eng . Mostafa Megawer  PMP , RMP ,ACP,PBA,P3O,PMO CP ,Scrum , 6 sigma , TOT Finally I will be very happy with your success .   All thanks, appreciation and respect to all trainees. Eng. Mostafa Megawer

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