Outsourcing for Entrepreneurs – Work Less & Get More Done! by Ben Clemons

Udemy course Outsourcing for Entrepreneurs – Work Less & Get More Done! by Ben Clemons

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  • Author: Ben Clemons
  • Course rating: 4.4
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  • Modality: Online
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Abouth Ben Clemons

My name is Ben, and I am an online entrepreneur who has found great success through internet marketing and the power of outsourcing. Over the past 10 years, I have hired over a dozen virtual assistants, as well as countless freelancers to further grow my online business. I have now taught hundreds of students how to become successful with outsourcing!

Outsourcing for Entrepreneurs - Work Less & Get More Done!

What the udemy Outsourcing for Entrepreneurs – Work Less & Get More Done! course teaches?

What you’ll learn Run an extremely efficient business with the power of outsourcing! Have The right outsourcing mindset – If you don’t have this down from the beginning, you’re limiting your success with outsourcing. Period. Speed up your progress, get more done, and work less on mundane tasks, while focusing more on ideas and business growth! Move past roadblocks in record time! Find the absolute best possible Virtual Assistants in the massive sea of resumes. Hire full-time employees for under $2 per hour! Craft the perfect virtual assistant job posting to attract and hire the best VA’s possible! Keep your virtual assistants highly motivated, ensure they stay on track, and become profitable for your business.

Replace yourself by hiring high quality outsourcers and virtual assistants, and save both time and frustration!

More information about the course Outsourcing for Entrepreneurs – Work Less & Get More Done!

Outsourcing is a great way to grow your business faster than ever. By leveraging the work of outsourced workers, you can worry less about completing day to day mundane tasks, and spend more time perfecting your systems and implementing new ideas. Just think about all of the different tasks that are needed to grow a successful online business! From social media, to content marketing, to paid advertising, to press releases, to web design, and even programming! The list goes on and on. If you are trying to build an online business from the ground up, all by yourself, you are fighting an uphill battle. That’s why outsourcing is so powerful! In fact, that is the whole idea behind this course! I literally hand you my complete blueprint to successful outsourcing and hold nothing back! From hiring, to training, to automation, I share everything I have learned over the years that WORKS! With these proven strategies, you’ll be able to get up and running as fast
and as cheap as possible, which means you’ll get more done and grow very fast. My
goal is to help you become successful with outsourcing, without having
to go through all of the painstaking trial and error like I have. Everything in this course is taken directly from my own personal “real life” experience so that you can skip the trial and error part, and jump right in and fast track your success. Below, you can read what some well respected internet business owners have had to say after taking this course: ___________________________________________________ “Outsourcing is an integral part of my business, yet finding and managing virtual workers can feel like a full-time job! Your training is PERFECT for people wanting to free themselves of all the mundane tasks associated with internet marketing, as well as a valuable resource for those currently using outsourcers to “get ‘er done.” Thank you!” – Bill Guthrie – Frisco, TX . Co-Founder of “Keyword Tapp” Research Software ___________________________________________________ ” All I have to say is Holy Crap . I’ve been outsourcing for over 4 years now and this is without a doubt the most comprehensive guide to outsourcing there is right now. One of the most important things that he does is that he lays out all of your options, and then goes on to show you how to use them properly. Not all outsourcing is the same, and often when most people think that they are going to save a ton of time by hiring someone else, they end up spending more time on their outsourcer. It’s all in how you use the various types of outsourcing that allows you to truly take advantage and free your time to make more money. If you want to get started right away on the right path with outsourcing, this is the product to get. It’s step-by-step and no nonsense!” – Dean Soto – Creator of MagicActionBox ___________________________________________________ “I know a bit about outsourcing as I have in the last month hired a virtual team that is turning my business around in the direction I am really happy about. I wonder why I didn’t do this a long time ago. Really impressed at the content he has put together, I must say. It is clear he speaks from experience as I have also experienced some
of what he teaches. Then there are a lot I didn’t know which he has
pointed out and I have to implement. I am not going to give away the content but can tell you, you get easy to follow training videos.
Some of what he points out, are the must haves, software jobs, and tracking. If you really want to turn your business around and see progress then you should get this course.” – Placida Acheru – London, UK . Founder of “Coaching 4 Excellence”

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