Oracle Primavera P6 by RanjithKumar Vasudevan

Udemy course Oracle Primavera P6 by RanjithKumar Vasudevan

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Course data:

  • Author: RanjithKumar Vasudevan
  • Course rating: 4.1
  • Category: IT & Software
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth RanjithKumar Vasudevan

Ranjithkumar Vasudevan is a Professional Projects Planner who lives in India.

Oracle Primavera P6

What the udemy Oracle Primavera P6 course teaches?

What you’ll learn Oracle Primavera P6 Project management Project Planning To manage a project schedule with activities, budgets, resources allocation

Become a project management expert! Upgrade your project managing skills with Primavera P6

More information about the course Oracle Primavera P6

In this course, techniques of Oracle Primavera P6 in managing projects explained in detail covering all modules available in the tool. For the ease of learners, the course is splitted into 6 sessions 1. Introduction to Project management, Creation of Currency, EPS, OBS, Projects, Notebooks and funding sources, 2. Creation of calendar, Resources and roles, cost accounts, resource codes and resource shifts, Project portfolios . 3. Introduction to scheduling, Creation of WBS, Activities, Activity relationship, activity step templates creation, total float and free float and resource assignments. 4. Creation and assigning Baselines, Expenses, Wps and Docs, Issues management, Risks identification and management,  creating thresholds parameters and monitoring thersholds. 5. Budget allocation and tracking, Spending plan, Resource usage distribution, creation and assigning of resource curves, resource levelling, Actuals updation, Gantt charts, Delay analysis, Global change 6. Brief on Earned value management, Creation of Earned value layout , Earned value and S curves analysis on project tracking, Report generations Quiz questions related to Project management added on the last part of the course. For Practice assignment, Pdf resources are added on the last section of the course that shall be helpful to practice and to build and manage a new project schedule on your own!

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