Online Reputation Management For Independent Hotels by Judith Kwentoh PCQI

Udemy course Online Reputation Management For Independent Hotels by Judith Kwentoh PCQI

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  • Author: Judith Kwentoh PCQI
  • Course rating: 4.2
  • Category: Business
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Judith Kwentoh PCQI

Judith Kwentoh is a Mother, Wife, Digital Marketing Consultant, Author, Business Coach and also an Accredited Practitioner at the Chartered Institute of Quality . She has an extensive knowledge on how businesses can position themselves properly in the market place to become a recognised leader in their niche. She is also a member of the governing body her kids school.

Online Reputation Management For Independent Hotels

What the udemy Online Reputation Management For Independent Hotels course teaches?

What you’ll learn Identify the common issues with online reputation management and what they actually mean for your hotel Know how a bad customer review can tarnish your hotel’s reputation Know how to push bad customer reviews out of the curious eyes of potential guests What to avoid when managing your online reputation Know how to keep your hotel’s online reputation spotless Know how critical monitoring your hotel’s online reputation is… Understanding how your prospects shop for hotels online Know what questions to ask an online reputation manager before hiring them

Start Revitalising Your Hotel’s Online Reputation Today, Increase Your REVPAR and Stay Ahead Of Your Competition!

More information about the course Online Reputation Management For Independent Hotels

ATTENTION : Independent Hotel General Managers, Marketing Managers & Owners wanting to build a strong brand image, and develop a solid reputation online… “You Can’t Afford to Miss These Amazing Secrets That Helped Top Ranked Hotels Revitalize Their Reputation Online” Even if you think you know what’s being said about your hotel online, you may be surprised at the risk you face by not using these online reputation management techniques… Did you know that research firm UserCentric recently found that people spend an average of 14.7 seconds skimming through all of the search results on the first page? Even if your hotel is at the top of the list, your customers may still see a negative review or bad comment about your hotel. Imagine what that could do to your online reputation and your ability to get paying customers through your doors! What Else Could Tarnish Your Hotel’s Reputation? It would surprise me if you were able to tell me without a doubt, right now, what people were saying about your hotel online. Sure, you may know your ranking on some of the top review sites, but do you know where the negative comments are? And more importantly, do you know how to push them out of the curious eyes of potential guests at your hotel? Probably not. According to a study conducted in 2012 by Google and an independent marketing research company, Ipsos MediaCT, 96% of leisure travellers start their planning with a search online. Regardless of how spotless your reputation is offline, a traveller is still highly likely to see what people say about your hotel online before they even consider to book their stay. Not monitoring your online reputation is no longer an option. Smart hotel owners know that they need to manage their reputation to fill their rooms. “There Are So Many Pages to Monitor, I Couldn’t Possibly Do It!” You’re right. We’ve heard the same worries from numerous hotel owners when they learned how critical monitoring their online reputation is too. The truth is, search results are constantly changing, and it feels impossible to keep up with everything being talked about your property online. It feels impossible to monitor your search results every day, AND react to bad reviews. That’s why so many hotel owners just give up. Smart hotel owners know people are writing reviews about their hotel online now and then, but many just don’t have the time or energy to keep up with it all. These hotel owners believe that… “Negative Reviews Will Go Away On Their Own As Soon As They Get More Positive Feedback” Too many hotel owners put the importance of their online reputation to the wayside. They think if they stay focused on asking happy guests for positive reviews, everything will work itself out. They don’t realize that they need to spend time trying to make those negative reviews go away. While positive reviews may push down negative reviews in some cases, the constant upgrades from Google search engine algorithm have stopped this from happening as easily as it once used to. Now, as more people turn to search engines like Google to find more information about their hotel before booking a trip, negative reviews seem to have a far greater impact on the overall success of a hotel. Something that’s surprising for many hotel owners is how many people use more than one device to book their stay. Google found that 90% of users move sequentially from one screen or device to the other when accomplishing tasks like booking travel. This increases the chance of people seeing those negative reviews while they search for your hotel! And as you know, this puts your hotel at a greater risk of losing customers because of just one bad review! “But Anyone Can Say Anything Online These Days!” That’s certainly true! With your hotel’s reputation in the hands of just about anyone (even people that may never have stayed in your hotel) it can seem impossible to manage customer impulses, and digital reviews. It may feel like you’re trying to wrangle i…

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