Online Literature Writing: From Start to Finish by eGlobal Creative

Udemy course Online Literature Writing: From Start to Finish by eGlobal Creative

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  • Author: eGlobal Creative
  • Course rating: 4.3
  • Category: Teaching & Academics
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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eGlobal Creative Publishing Inc. is an e-publishing company. Our parent company, Jianlai Global, is an international translator and publisher of serialized web novels. We operate a growing publishing program which partners with online platforms to bring authors’ works to international audiences. Our mission is to promote global literature and to create opportunities for authors to explore new online fiction media.

Online Literature Writing: From Start to Finish

What the udemy Online Literature Writing: From Start to Finish course teaches?

What you’ll learn Learn how to write and fiction novels intended for commercial success on serial online novel-reading platforms (i.e. “web-novels”) Understand online fiction and how it differs 5from conventionally-published fiction, including the writing style and trends in the online fiction market Walk through the process of creating a novel, including story creation, outlining, and writing Learn how to self-publish your work digitally in the serial online novel format Learn professional skills of a “web-novel” author, including maintaining an update schedule and audience engagement

Learn how to become a serial online novel author, from starting a story to publishing it on the web.

More information about the course Online Literature Writing: From Start to Finish

This is not your traditional writing course! Serial online literature is a new and rapidly growing publishing medium. This course explores the features of this digital fiction market, walking authors through the process of planning and writing novels specifically for this format and publishing them on online reading platforms. We would like to invite students who complete the course to also apply for our paid author boot camp , a three-month novel-writing program in which authors submit chapters daily, receiving detailed feedback from an editor. Learning the skills you need to write a web-novel is just the beginning of a potential career in online literature! If you are… · A beginning writer looking for a guide to starting a novel and self-publishing online; · An experienced author seeking new ways to publish and reach audiences around the world; · An online fiction fan interested in learning more about the medium and how to write your own novel; . . . Then this course is for you! This course covers: · The features of serial online fiction and its differences from conventional fiction and publishing; · Starting and planning a story, including classic techniques of character, creation, plotting, worldbuilding, and outlining, with tips on how to translate them to this new medium ; · Publishing your work on an online platform and composing a novel serially through regular updates; · A step-by-step guide for online novel creation from start to finish! Instructor Bio Adam R. Patterson has an undergraduate degree in communication from SUNY at Buffalo and a master’s degree in English from Roehampton University in London, England. While he has worked in film and radio, he focuses most of his time working with new writers and developing story for all mediums. He is currently an English instructor at Bryant & Stratton College, curriculum designer and literature instructor at eGlobal, and freelance editor and ghostwriter for several boutique publishing houses. Over the course of his career he has developed skill sets in story structure, monomyth, top editing, formatting for film and television, as well as education. He is a published poet, nominated BNFF Best Screenplay scriptwriter, and webnovelist.

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