OKRs: The Complete course for better planning & goal-setting by Prateek Soni

Udemy course OKRs: The Complete course for better planning & goal-setting by Prateek Soni

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  • Author: Prateek Soni
  • Course rating: 4.4
  • Category: Business
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Prateek Soni

I am a Computer Science grad, but, later on, I moved on to Product Management as I enjoyed working on ambitious products from conception to fruition. I like to position myself as “a Product Management professional with a flair for tech, data, and entrepreneurship ” .

OKRs: The Complete course for better planning & goal-setting

What the udemy OKRs: The Complete course for better planning & goal-setting course teaches?

What you’ll learn Learn about goal setting and planning fundamentals Learn to write powerful Objectives and Key Results Understand OKR framework in great detail with the help of a LOT of REAL WORLD examples Learn about how OKRs work at different level in an organization and how to achieve alignment using OKRs Dive in deeper to OKR concepts through numerous QUIZZES, downloadable “CHEAT NOTES” and multiple CASE STUDIES Learn about the art and science of scoring OKRs Get a DOWNLOADABLE TEMPLATE that you can readily use to practice OKR framework for your own goal setting/planning endeavors Learn about common mistakes that people make while working with OKRs and how to avoid them Understand about managing teams through OKRs

Learn OKR framework to set & manage your goals and plans. Gain real world OKR insights (via Examples and Case studies)

More information about the course OKRs: The Complete course for better planning & goal-setting

OKR framework is one of the most popular goal-setting and planning frameworks put in use across some of the most iconic companies of recent times (eg – Google, Facebook, Amazon, Intel, Dropbox, Adobe, etc) It is a solid, precise and very powerful tool to bring in-depth and sharpness in your goal-setting process. It also helps teams to get focussed to drive their goals forward in an efficient way. One can even use the OKR framework for their own personal goal setting. Individuals in both professional and personal settings have benefitted from the attributes of this tool. This course is designed for people of all seniorities and experience levels. As a part of this journey, we will cover everything from OKR basics to advanced concepts and case studies. What will you learn What’s the history and background of OKRs and goal-setting frameworks in general What are OKRs and what’s their anatomy? What’s the value that each component of an OKR framework adds? How? How to write powerful Objectives and Key results for every context (organization level, individual level or team level)? What’s the difference between OKRs and KPIs and how do they interact with each other? What are the best practices when working with OKRs? What mistakes should you avoid in OKR implementation? How to score OKRs? How scoring can differ at the beginning, mid and end of the quarter? How OKRs work in an organization? How do OKRs relate to other broad organizational planning tools like Mission, Vision, Strategy, Roadmap? How should you align OKRs in an organization? How to manage with OKRs? What’s an OKR retrospective and what’s the best way to run it? What will you get Key concepts and lessons about the OKR framework and goal setting A tonne of REAL WORLD examples CHEAT NOTES – articles that summarize key concepts of OKR framework Multiple case studies reflecting real problems faced by OKR practitioners Assignments and quizzes to solidify your learning Lifelong access to lessons and updates (I tend to update my courses from time to time!)

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