Object Orientation in PHP by Lawrence Turton

Udemy course Object Orientation in PHP by Lawrence Turton

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Course data:

  • Author: Lawrence Turton
  • Course rating: 4.7
  • Category: Development
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Lawrence Turton

Lawrence Turton works as a web developer & graphic designer specialising in HTML, CSS, jQuery, UI & UX design. He has previously worked with Fifteendesign producing websites, iPhone and Android apps and started his own agency in 2010 called Elite Web Design. During that time Lawrence has established a wide range of clients from blue chip companies to large corporations. From a young age he was an online instructor and started to work with two of the leading online training specialists Cartoonsmart and Envato. Lawrence always created projects involving designs in Photoshop and bringing his creations to life by coding them with web technologies. This gives him a unique perspective into real world projects from start to finish and a wealth of information for new comers to the web industry.

Object Orientation in PHP

What the udemy Object Orientation in PHP course teaches?

What you’ll learn APIE (Abstraction, Polymorphism, Inheritance & Encapsulation) Object oriented analysis, design & programming UML or Unified Modelling Language Sequence diagrams Class syntax of PHP

Fully understand object oriented analysis, design and programming from the ground up.

More information about the course Object Orientation in PHP

Learning object oriented programming may seem like a chaw but in reality once learnt it’s not difficult. However many programmers learn object orientation programming instead of the whole object orientation process, for example what do we mean by object orientation? What does the APIE acronym stand for and do we understand all concepts of this acronym? Those who may even have a general knowledge of object orientation programming may want to take this course because it’ll give a higher definition of object orientation and all concepts that surround it. To truly understand how to program in an object oriented manner then we must first understand all there is to know about the concepts, ideologies and fundamental understanding not just the syntax of any one language. If you just know how to program object oriented then that will not cut it. What happens when you need to map out an application are you using UML and are you using it correctly? Everything we do in the programming world is for real world use so understanding the syntax only or understanding object orientation in a general way will not cut in large scale projects. So those programmers who may have been exposed to object orientation syntax may find this course of some use and don’t for object oriented analyse and design don’t refer to any programming language. Also new comers will definitely learn a boat load from this course in the simplest manner possible right from the start even if you don’t want to do the programming part. This course includes lectures that break subjects down like abstraction, polymorphism, inheritance and encapsulation in a simplified spoon fed manner for anyone to understand from beginner or even an experienced programmer who wants to know more about the object oriented fundamentals.

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