Nutrition Certification: Go from zero To Hero in Nutrition by Amer Taha- courseyo

Udemy course Nutrition Certification: Go from zero To Hero in Nutrition by Amer Taha- courseyo

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  • Author: Amer Taha- courseyo
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  • Category: Health & Fitness
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Abouth Amer Taha- courseyo

I’m Nutritionist & Fitness expert. Over the years I’ve coached 24,000 students from all over the world. My expertise includes science-based health & fitness advice in the following areas: – Fat Loss- Muscle Growth- Meal Planning- Gym Workouts – Healthy Living- Bodybuilding What you need are the right workouts and a few simple – but crucial – tips on the right exercises, technique and nutrition. That’s what I teach in my courses I am a social psychologist and Entrepreneur. My expertise is in the domain of attitudes and persuasion, but I have extensive experience with all corners of the social psychology world. The research in this field is so interesting that I can’t help but want to share it! I look forward to the chance to share the world of social psychology with you. True success in life happens when you take action on a daily basis . In other words, it’s your habits that help you achieve goals and live the life you’ve always wanted. In his courses, Amer Taha  provides a daily action step for every area of your life: entrepreneurship, health, work and personal relationships Instead of watching and reading over-hyped strategies that rarely work in the real world, you’ll get information that can be immediately implemented. Amer Taha is helping people make their journey in life so easy by asking questions and searching for the answers. Words have the power to reshape our thinking and help us discover new talents or to break the resistance to success.

Nutrition Certification: Go from zero To Hero in Nutrition

What the udemy Nutrition Certification: Go from zero To Hero in Nutrition course teaches?

Understand the fundamentals of healthy dieting (calories, protein, carbs, fat, vitamins & minerals) Learn when, what and how much you should eat for optimal body composition Learn the Top Carbohydrates/Proteins/Fat sources and figure out their estimated daily requirements Understand the role Micronutrients, Fiber, Probiotics & Water play in our bodies Understand Energy Balance. Figure out easy ways to determine BMR, TDEE Understand what the Macronutrients are and the role they play in our bodies Improve immunity and energy levels with the right vitamins and minerals Build more muscle by optimizing your meal plan Create a diet that is perfect for your needs and lifestyle

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Learn How To Build The Perfect Diet & Meal Plan For Improved Health, Better Weight Loss And More Muscle Gains I’m Amer Taha, fitness and dieting coach. My “Nutrition certification” is designed for anyone who wants to get the most out of their diet , no matter if you’re an athlete, bodybuilder or simply want to live a healthier life. This course is not some random fad diet that tells you which foods you should and shouldn’t eat. Instead, I will take you through each of the steps involved in setting up and following through with your diet . Unfortunately, the internet is full of false health gurus that sell you all kinds of diet plans and supplements that are overpriced and don’t work. This is why I wanted to create a video course that not only debunks the most common dieting myths but also teaches everything you need to know to reach your dieting goals, be it to lose fat, build muscle or simply live a healthier life. Here Is What’s Inside The Program : Dieting For Health & Fitness Everything You Need To Know About Calories, Protein, Carbs & Fat How To Determine Your Optimal Calorie Intake How To Track Calories The Right Way How To Adjust Your Diet For Weight Loss How To Adjust Your Diet For Muscle Gains The Perfect Pre- & Post-Workout Meals Cheat Meals That Won’t Destroy Your Overall Diet Ready To Use Meals Plans To Lose Weight And Build Muscle Diet Trends Explained (See If They Are Right For You): Gluten-Free Low Carb Paleo Dieting Intermittent Fasting Vegan Dieting Everything You Need To Improve Your Health & Immunity: The Right Vitamins & Minerals How Much Water You Should Really Drink (No, It’s Not 8 Glasses Per Day) How To Boost Testosterone Naturally How To Correctly Read A Nutrition Label Scientifically Proven Ways To Boost Immunity Common Dieting Questions Answered: Are Carbs Bad For You? Is Too Much Fat Bad For You? Is Too Much Protein Bad For You? Do Eggs Really Raise Cholesterol? Does Meat Cause Cancer? Do Several Small Meals Throughout The Day Boost Your Metabolism? All In All The Program Includes Over 80 Lessons On Dieting And Nutrition So If You Want To Boost Your Performance, Feel More Energized And Live A Healthier Life, This Is The Right Course For You Learn about proper superfood nutrition, meal planning, healthy eating, and a healthy lifestyle. Better meal planning and healthy cooking will help with weight loss, building muscle, and overall well-being. Remember, there is a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. There is no reason to hesitate. Enroll now, see if you enjoy the course, and start building your perfect diet today ! Who this course is for: Anyone wanting to learn the truth about dieting & meal planning Anyone who wants to learn how to eat healthy and understand the fundamentals of nutritional science Health & Fitness Professionals who want to help their clients with general nutrition tips/guidelines Show more Show less

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5.5 hours on-demand video 35 articles 35 downloadable resources Full lifetime access Access on mobile and TV Certificate of completion

What is needed to take the udemy course Nutrition Certification: Go from zero To Hero in Nutrition

No prior health knowledge is required or assumed Willingness to help and motivate others to eat healthy Passion for Nutrition