Norwegian Course (A1-A2 level) Part 2 by Torleif Villmones Mæhre

Udemy course Norwegian Course (A1-A2 level) Part 2 by Torleif Villmones Mæhre

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Course data:

  • Author: Torleif Villmones Mæhre
  • Course rating: 4.8
  • Category: Teaching & Academics
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Torleif Villmones Mæhre

I am a driven person who loves teaching and to interact with other people. I especially like to learn new languages!

Norwegian Course (A1-A2 level) Part 2

What the udemy Norwegian Course (A1-A2 level) Part 2 course teaches?

What you’ll learn Speaking longer with Norwegians 500+ Vocabulary Small talk in the streets Writing good sentences

For people who are eager to learn Norwegian language in a fun way!

More information about the course Norwegian Course (A1-A2 level) Part 2

Are you interested in speaking with Norwegian people? This course will include very useful dialouges, grammar, vocabulary which are going to cover essential Norwegian curriculum. This course is for people with the following goals: 1. Wanting to talk to one’s partner. 2. Wants to talk with friends in Norway. 3. Want to talk with colleagues at work. 4. Speak with family from Norway. 5. Start a new life in Norway. 6. Or simply have fun learning Norwegian! At the end of my course , students will be able to understand Norwegian conversations. Create longer sentences with the materials introduced in this course. The following are the accomplishments after the course: 1. Building longer sentences. 2. 500+ new vocabulary. 3. Listening to and grasping conversations. 4. Make small chats with people in the streets. 5. Reading and comprehending simple texts in articles etc. 6. Pronounce Norwegian words perfectly. The following is the course content: Section 2: I will go to the cinema : This section will introduce crucial prepositions and directions. It will include reflexive pronouns for wearing clothes etc. Section 3: I bought a winter hat : Time and dates in the language. Past tenses in practice, in addition to routines during the day with past perfect. Section 4: Finally taco Friday! : Passive form, using countable and uncountable nouns. By the end of this section students are able to comprehend longer sentences. See you on the other end. Vi snakkes!

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