Node.js Beginner’s Bootcamp by Shokal Shah

Udemy course Node.js Beginner’s Bootcamp by Shokal Shah

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Course data:

  • Author: Shokal Shah
  • Course rating: 3.5
  • Category: Development
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Shokal Shah

I am Shokal Shah. I am a Cyber Security expert. I am working as an Ethical Hacker for last 5 years and i have gathered a huge knowledge in my career. I want to share my valuable knowledge and educate people using Online courses. I am making online video courses since 2007 and i have great experience in teaching online courses. I n my courses first i teach the basics and the i give hands on tutorials. All of my courses have Real-World examples without neglecting basics and theory.

Node.js Beginner's Bootcamp

What the udemy Node.js Beginner’s Bootcamp course teaches?

What you’ll learn Installing Node Global Object & V8 Engine Event Emitter Modules Module Pattern Reading & Writing File Creating & Removing Directives Basics Routing Query Strings

Learn to understand and write your own node.js codes from scratch.

More information about the course Node.js Beginner’s Bootcamp

Node.js is a very powerful JavaScript-based framework/platform built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript V8 Engine. It is used to develop web and mobile applications.. Node.js is open source, completely free, and used by thousands of developers around the world. Node was built with JavaScript so it helps if you have some understanding of how JavaScript actually works. Also having some understanding of other web technologies such as HTML, CSS, AJAX is useful. This course is an absolute beginners course that will teach you some Node .js basic fundamentals. Node is quite popular and used by some big companies like eBay, General Electric, GoDaddy, Microsoft, PayPal, Uber, and Yahoo!

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