No Equipment Home Workout Program by Steven Morales

Udemy course No Equipment Home Workout Program by Steven Morales

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  • Author: Steven Morales
  • Course rating: 4.8
  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Steven Morales

Steven is a Tulsa personal trainer with over 10 years experience, and has a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from Oklahoma State University. He has worked for over 5 years at a private training studio helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. During his time there he was privileged enough to train many people with different individual needs and goals. Working with his clients gives him the drive to constantly pursue continuing education to stay current with all of the information available. This helps him deliver the best training and nutritional information to his clients to ensure their success.

No Equipment Home Workout Program

What the udemy No Equipment Home Workout Program course teaches?

What you’ll learn Demonstrate proper technique with basic exercises: squats, pushups, dips, burpees, situps and many more! Understand common faults and contraindications for exercises and how to correct them Know how to construct your own at home workouts with no equipment needed Know how to properly warm up and cooldown to improve your workouts and prevent injuries

Learn how to use proper form with basic movement patterns and exercises

More information about the course No Equipment Home Workout Program

This course is designed for anyone wanting to exercise but doesn’t have access to equipment and wants a better understanding of proper body mechanics.  This is intended to help beginners gain a solid foundation to build upon so they don’t hurt themselves and get better results with other online programs while providing home workouts.  There are handouts and tutorial videos included with this course which can be done at your own pace in the comfort of your home.  We start with foundational movements such as squats, pushups, situps, and burpees and then progress to more complex movements such as handfoot crawls.  This course is a must take for anyone thinking of starting a fitness program but doesn’t have access to a personal trainer to guide them on proper form all while allowing you to gain lean muscle and lose body fat.

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