NLP Practitioner Course (Basic to Advance) in Urdu/Hindi by Shahid Syed

Udemy course NLP Practitioner Course (Basic to Advance) in Urdu/Hindi by Shahid Syed

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  • Author: Shahid Syed
  • Course rating: 4.8
  • Category: Personal Development
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Shahid Syed

I am shahid Syed, an internationally certified Master Coach of NLP & Hypnosis,  a counselor for mind & body wellness,a life  transformation coach, an entrepreneur and a Author.

NLP Practitioner Course (Basic to Advance) in Urdu/Hindi

What the udemy NLP Practitioner Course (Basic to Advance) in Urdu/Hindi course teaches?

What you’ll learn how to run your brain, functions of unconscious mind, the language of the brain, control of your mind & emotions. sharpen your observation skills and keys to influence others, Remove irrational fears,feel supremely confident. identify & quickly change limiting beliefs, you will discover how to control states of mind, how to neutralize negative feelings. Representational Systems,learn to read people’s eye movements, communicate influentially & persuasively, build better relationships,effects of language, how to let go of negative emotions, find your life values & set your goals PLUS help others do the same. You will learn Hypnotic Communication,The Milton Model,the way to get to the heart of any communication be it in your personal life or professional. how people make decisions, how you can covertly influence them to make any decision. Ways to Re-frame Any Situation and idea, how different people process information in different ways, how you can communicate even more effectively with them. Develop powerful communication skills, flexibility in communicating with different types of people, how to use language elegantly and become a master communicator. most powerful interventions to make lasting changes by understanding how time orientation effects your memories, emotions & behavior. Having build the skills of an effective NLP practitioner you’ll ready to use NLP patterns & techniques to help lots and lots of people You’ll practice NLP patterns & techniques: as If Role, tv exercise to remove painful Memories, SWISH patterns ,circle of excellence,visual squash,changing time lines orientation, editing events, six steps re-framing, fast phobia cure , how to help someone overcome a lifelong phobia in minutes. Show more Show less

Dive deep into the world of Transformation of Mind, Body & Spirit and become certified of Neuro Linguistic Programming

More information about the course NLP Practitioner Course (Basic to Advance) in Urdu/Hindi

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a human mind technology; an art by which you create wonderful results in the lives of people you care for. The quality of the delivery of this art depends upon the exposure that you have got with people and their issues. Here you need a person who can make you understand the core and finer points of the technology. It is rightly said by someone that the delivery is more important than the contents. It is true while applying NLP in any area of life. This complete NLP Practitioner training offers a broad range of time-proven life principles you can use to develop your relationships, increase your productivity and generate profound self-awareness alongside a robust collection of people skills. Neuro linguistic Programming is a unique field of study that exists to help people review their attitudes, perspectives and behavior for creating positive improvements and changes. In learning to understand new perspectives, people typically become more acquainted with themselves. Learning new outlooks is what stimulates personal growth. NLP relates our perceptions, personal beliefs, emotions, behaviors, attitudes and communication styles to the results and outcomes we experience on a day-to-day basis. You will progress from understanding the basics, to confidently applying the different NLP principles (and practices) in all aspects of your personal or professional life. NLP Practitioner training tends to attract people who want to understand themselves better or start a new career that positively supports others. NLP Practitioners often want to make a profound impact and change peoples lives, but they don’t want to study traditional psychology for years. NLP offers a basis for stimulating progressive self-improvement. in this NLP Practitioner Training You’ll learn:  too understand representational systems, Preferred Thinking System,Learning styles and eye movements, how to reprogram your mind for optimal success and achievement, how to detox mind body and soul, how to handle  past painful memories, unwanted phobias, guilt, revenge, grief, hurt, depression, anxiety and other mental issues. You can also recognize opportunities for advancing your personal growth, interact in a way that forms a profound connection with others, gaining the right state of being rich, identifying with money,  modeling rich people, collapsing wrong anchors about money, creating positive anchors, anchors for big motivation, Neurological Alignment for more productivity, how to works belief & value System, perceptual positions for better relationships, building attractive future  time line that is in alignment with your values, use an effective goal-setting process to achieve success, swish for goals, swish for better self image, conflict intervention – build conflict-proof relationships, defeat procrastination or a general lack of motivation, Six steps to re-framing and much much more……. In this NLP Practitioner Certification training, you’ll cover  the following topics: NLP-Mind Transformation: a. NLP Introduction b. Presuppositions of NLP c. Pillars of NLP d. what is ecology and how it work? e. Our Mind, types of Mind and how it work? Emotional States of Mind: a. what is states? b. Types of states c. how to create state of Mind? d. How to change states of mind? e. three Powerful Techniques to change states Sub-Modalities: OUT-COMES: a. Difference between outcomes & Tasks. b. outcomes thinning Vs Task Thinking. c. 9 well-forms conditions for outcomes. d. outcomes and Hurdles e. outcomes and beliefs f. outcomes and self affirmations Learn to Learning: a. what is learning & types of learning? b. what is learning zone? how to create it? c. Generating learning Neuro logical levels a. What is neuro logical Levels? b. Neuro logical level Alignment? Rapport: a. What is Rapport b. Pacing and Leading c. Matching and Mirroring Anchoring Re-framing: a. Frames in NLP b. Types of Frames c. 6 steps to re-framing d. Problem s…

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