Music Theory Vol.I : Basic Terminology by Ilse Lozoya

Udemy course Music Theory Vol.I : Basic Terminology by Ilse Lozoya

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Course data:

  • Author: Ilse Lozoya
  • Course rating: 4.0
  • Category: Music
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Ilse Lozoya

Ilse Lozoya is a pianist and educator who has been creating online courses about music and  education on Udemy since 2016. She is deeply involved on creating online content with other artists and course developers as a co – instructor.

Music Theory Vol.I : Basic Terminology

What the udemy Music Theory Vol.I : Basic Terminology course teaches?

What you’ll learn Learn the basic music terminology in order to understand music language. Get the knowledge to start reading music. Keep learning music theory and playing an instrument understanding music better. Understand what you already play if you pay by ear.

Understanding the Basics

More information about the course Music Theory Vol.I : Basic Terminology

Do you want to start playing a musical instrument? Do you want to get familiar with the basic terminology from scratch? Maybe you are already studying by your own or you are a self-taught person. Perhaps you are curious person and you want to understand music language better. If this is your case, this course is for you. In this course you will understand the basic elements of music language. Music as a language has its own symbols and writing rules (grammar, a way of saying), sometimes we think that is not necessary or too difficult but it is not! This course will guide you in the process. This course has more than 5200 students enrolled and it has 4.1 stars from 5 possible on Udemy, this is what some students are saying about this course on their reviews: “A good course for a beginner” (5 stars) “Excellent instruction. Covers material taught very well” (5 stars) “The instructor starts at the very beginning and thoroughly explains each topic in an-easy to understand method” (5 stars) Some of the terminology that you will learn in this course is: Notes Staff Clef Grand Staff Rhythmical Figures Time Signature Tempo Markings Dynamics Major Scale Through very easy to follow lectures you will understand all this concepts and you will have a chance to prove yourself with the exercises that this course includes. Enroll in  this course and start learning music theory from scratch today!

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