Mobile Automation with Robot Framework (RED, Appium, Python) by Bharat Malik

Udemy course Mobile Automation with Robot Framework (RED, Appium, Python) by Bharat Malik

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Course data:

  • Author: Bharat Malik
  • Course rating: 4.3
  • Category: Development
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Bharat Malik

Bharat Malik is highly skilled  professional  in the field of  Test Automation Development

Mobile Automation with Robot Framework (RED, Appium, Python)

What the udemy Mobile Automation with Robot Framework (RED, Appium, Python) course teaches?

What you’ll learn At the end of the course, students will learn Test Automation for Mobile apps using Appium and Robot Framework. Students will also learn – Learn to install Appium, RED, Robot Framework, Android Studio, and necessary Robot libraries Learn step by step to design End to End Test Automation test suite for real life projects Learn to work with Appium and understand the keywords in Robot Appium library Automate native Mobile apps on Android using Robot Framework As a bonus, students will get hands on exercises, quizzes, interview questions, and resume building tips

Best Course in Mobile automation with Robot framework (RED Editor) and Appium Library. Automate using Android emulators

More information about the course Mobile Automation with Robot Framework (RED, Appium, Python)

***One stop solution to learn Mobile test automation with the industry leader Robot Framework (Appium Library)*** ***Be a master in automating test cases involving native and hybrid mobile application , and execute your automated scripts with Jenkins *** **Robot Framework ( RED Editor )  Detailed Installation with Python3.7** ** Be Interview Ready in Just 4 Hours ** –> Learn from scratch the concepts of keyword driven and data driven frameworks ***Automate real time applications *** **Go script-less with Robot Framework.** ** Install Android Studio and  create your own  emulator ** —>No Other Course in Robot framework provides detailed lectures on <-- Agile Test Methodology Robot Framework Installation ( Red Editor ) Mobile Automation through Appium Library Mobile automation architecture Locators in mobile applications End to End automation of Flight Application Appium Architecture Emulators and Cloud Providers Installation of APK in emulators *** Flight Application APK Provided for free*** ***Additionally you'll receive *** Hands-on exercises, assignments and live projects Quiz to test your learning Downloadable codes and notes from the training Interview questions and resume preparation tips --> No Prior Coding Experience needed –> Start as a Beginner and end as an Expert within 5 Hours. –> Instructor reply to students questions within 24 hours. Why this course as compared to other courses? –>This course is all-in-one solution for automating Mobile applications –>This course assumes that students have no prior knowledge in Manual and Automation Testing. Everything is taught from scratch. –>Student gets hands on practice with variety of exercises, quiz and live projects. –>This course covers interview questions and resume preparation tips. Who all can take this course? 1. Students with No prior experience in testing 2. Students looking to switch their career in field of software testing 3. Manual Testers for Mobile applications 4. Manual tester looking to learn new skills for automation. 5. Students with no experience in coding. 6. Any Non IT Professional looking to enter IT Field. 7. Automation developers looking to learn new automation skills.

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