Microsoft Project: Get Up & Running Quickly by Earn And Excel

Udemy course Microsoft Project: Get Up & Running Quickly by Earn And Excel

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  • Author: Earn And Excel
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  • Category: Office Productivity
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Abouth Earn And Excel

We understand your challenges, we’ve been where you have been and we learned the hard way. But now we have banded together to create training that is truly going to move the needle in your career.

Microsoft Project: Get Up & Running Quickly

What the udemy Microsoft Project: Get Up & Running Quickly course teaches?

What you’ll learn This is a crash course for those looking to manage projects in Microsoft Projects, in under 3 hours, you will have great command of this powerful tool Navigation: Get familiar with the Microsoft Project Environment and understand the different ways of working with the tool that best set you up for success Baselines: You will learn to set up the baseline for your project, track it and manage it in a way to put solid controls around delivering your project Reporting: Three levels of Project Reporting will be covered here from Templates to Bespoke reporting and best practice outputs to manage your stakeholders Resource Over-allocation: Techniques for dealing with Resource Over allocation such as Substitution, Correct Resourcing Allocation, Levelling, Contouring & Managing Splits Dependencies: UNderstanding the importance of dependency relationships and adding them to your plan (Start-Finish, Start-Start, Finish-Start, Finish-Finish). Adjusting with Lead and Lag. Using Calendars to build a complete picture of schedule and delivery (Base, Resource, Task Calendars and creating Exceptions) Assigning Constraints in the form of Weak and Strong to add a layer of pragmatism to your schedule Creating Templates that can be re-used on future projects or for managing a programme with a consistent approach to deliver multiple workstreams Understanding types of Costs – Costs (Fixed and Variable), Work and Material as well as Accruals to keep on top of your project budget

Plan, Manage and Deliver!

More information about the course Microsoft Project: Get Up & Running Quickly

It’s a misconception that you need to spend many hours learning Microsoft Project. This is a tool to help you schedule and manage projects. So given our collective experience in Project Management within large global organisations, we have made a course that will get you up and running and working with best practice in a very short time frame. We will teach you how to get the most out of Microsoft Project. Your tutor, Martin, has many years of Project Management, Planning, PMO and Scheduling in large global organisations and is ready to pass on to you what you really need to know to create and manage an efficient and effective project plan. Whether you are a Project Manager, Product Manager, Planner, PMO, Business Analyst or any professional who needs to manage projects you will benefit from learning how to use Microsoft Project from us. Not only will we teach you the basic functions but more importantly we will teach you best practice. It’s not all about what you should do but also what you should NOT do in order to have your project run smoothly. Your project may look neat and tidy on paper but if your resources are overallocated or your dependencies are wrongly set your project will likely run into trouble. This course teaches you how to avoid the pitfalls and create a plan that is easily manageable regardless of size or complexity. Sign up and we will see you inside!

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