Microsoft Power Pivot (Excel) and SSAS (Tabular DAX model) by Phillip Burton

Udemy course Microsoft Power Pivot (Excel) and SSAS (Tabular DAX model) by Phillip Burton

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  • Author: Phillip Burton
  • Course rating: 4.3
  • Category: Office Productivity
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Phillip Burton

Hi. I’m Phillip, and I’m proud to Teach with Udemy as a Udemy Instructor Partner. I have been teaching on Udemy since 2015, and I have over 400,000 students and more than 40 video courses, including over a dozen Bestseller courses.

Microsoft Power Pivot (Excel) and SSAS (Tabular DAX model)

What the udemy Microsoft Power Pivot (Excel) and SSAS (Tabular DAX model) course teaches?

What you’ll learn Extract data from multiple tables. Create connections between the tables. Develop the model using DAX functions. Create analyses in Excel.

Visualise Data in Power Pivot for Excel or SSAS with DAX. 70-779, 70-768 exams. Business Intelligence PowerPivot tool.

More information about the course Microsoft Power Pivot (Excel) and SSAS (Tabular DAX model)

Reviews: ” In just the first few lessons, I have already been able to apply what I have learned at my job. Thank you for this course! ” — Cynthia Smith ” The Instructor is easy to understand and he gives exercises to test your understanding which is what I prefer rather than just listening to lectures. I will definitely take more of Mr Burton’s classes as I like his teaching style. ” — Tamuka Mazana —————— This course covers one of the most useful add-ins in Microsoft Excel, PowerPivot, and the Tabular model in SQL Server Analytical Services. We’ll activate PowerPivot if you have the right version of Excel, and if not, then we’ll install SQL Server on your computer, which can do the same job. We’ll install the Developer edition, which used to cost $100, for free. After PowerPivot is activated, or SQL Server is installed, we’ll create our first analysis in Excel or SQL Server in just a matter of minutes. After only these first few minutes, you will be streets ahead of anyone who doesn’t know anything about Power Pivot. After this introduction, we’ll go into some detail into PowerPivot or SSAS – the initial data, and the various options that are available to you. We will go into advanced options that most people don’t even know about, but which are very useful. Then we’ll develop DAX formulas, to further extend the model. A lot of the formulas are based on Excel formulas, but there are several additional things too. By the end, you will be an Expert user of both PowerPivot and SSAS, able to create reliable analyses which are able to be drilled-down quickly, and you’ll be able to help others with their data analysis. It will assist with the Model Data section of Microsoft exam 70-779 “Analysing and Visualizing Data with Microsoft Excel”. It will also assist with the “Design a tabular BI semantic model” and “Develop queries using Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)” section of Microsoft exam 70-768 “Developing SQL Data Models”.

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