Microsoft Excel – Beginner to Advance in MS Excel by Fayaz Fizoolie

Udemy course Microsoft Excel – Beginner to Advance in MS Excel by Fayaz Fizoolie

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  • Author: Fayaz Fizoolie
  • Course rating: 4.4
  • Category: Office Productivity
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Fayaz Fizoolie

My name is Fayaz Fizoolie. I am a fully qualified ACCA Chartered Accountant. Also, I am eligible to do a first-class degree in Applied Accounting offered by Oxford Brookes.

Microsoft Excel - Beginner to Advance in MS Excel

What the udemy Microsoft Excel – Beginner to Advance in MS Excel course teaches?

What you’ll learn Master Microsoft Excel, within the shortest time possible More than 50 Vital Functions Master Tables, Pivot Tables & Will touch base on Power Pivot Create charts to Visualize Data Creating Dashboard How to extract information from Websites into MS Excel and creating charts with them Many more. Please check the course outline

Master Microsoft Excel. More than 50 Vital Functions, Creating Dashboards in Excel, Tables, Pivot Tables & Much More

More information about the course Microsoft Excel – Beginner to Advance in MS Excel

In this course, you will learn Microsoft Excel from beginners’ level to advance level in the shortest time possible. I have designed this course very carefully to teach you all the important aspects of MS Excel in a step by step and an easy to understand approach. Upon completion of this course, your Excel skill will surely shoot up to a whole different level. And You can implement this valuable skill to develop your business or in pursuing your career. From section one to five, you will learn the fundamentals of MS Excel . We will start from the very beginning, that is, we will start from how to open excel. And then we will learn about excel’s startup screen, excel’s interface, how to enable text speech and much more. We will also, learn about different types of copying and pasting, and then we will see how to insert comments, how to create custom fill series, flash fills and etc. Then we will take a deep dive about formatting in Excel. And in end of section two we will create an invoice using one of Microsoft’s template. We will also thoroughly cover about print setting. And then we will learn about the basic functions and formulas , like, SUM, AVERAGE, MIN, MAX, and many more. We will also cover in detail about all types of cell references with comprehensive examples. When learning about logical functions, we will see how to nest functions, in other words we will see how to combine two or more functions to get the desired results. Then we will also cover some advance techniques in data validation and in fact we will cover everything you need to know about data validation Afterwards, we will learn some of the most popular functions in the industry like, VLOOKUP, INDEX & MATCH, SUMIFS and we will cover more than 50 vital functions in this course We will also learn about, sorting and filtering, advance filtering, filtering using wildcard characters, named ranges, text to column and so on. Then, we will cover everything you need to know about conditional formatting . While doing so, we will also see some more advance functions. Then we will learn about tables, pivot tables and we will touch base on power pivot in order to create relationship between multiple tables. In the final section, we will learn how to visualize data using excel charts. We will learn about chart elements, how to format charts and then finally we will be creating three projects . In the second project, we will see how to get information from external websites and create charts from them, which is a part of power query . And then in the project three, we will put everything we learned to create a dashboard. This is gonna be a comprehensive course. I have just given a glimpse of what you will learn in this course. For more information, please check the course outline. I am pretty sure, you will enjoy this journey of mastering Excel with me. So, do join this course now to take your Excel skill to the next level.

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