Meridians, Qi-exercises & other self-help Healing Methods by Andrew Wong

Udemy course Meridians, Qi-exercises & other self-help Healing Methods by Andrew Wong

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  • Author: Andrew Wong
  • Course rating: 4.7
  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Andrew Wong

Near 30 years with oil and gas company, Malaysia Petronas, worked as engineer, manager, trainer and coach, observed much misaligned behaviors in organizations, performances and illnesses issues, which motivated me to search for solutions.

Meridians, Qi-exercises & other self-help Healing Methods

What the udemy Meridians, Qi-exercises & other self-help Healing Methods course teaches?

What you’ll learn At the beginning of the course, the discussion helps you to critically examine the underlying assumptions used in exercise for heath. You will realize that we are guided by vague ideas, illogical proposition on exercise for health. As a result that consume our energy, time and resources, yet not able to attend the optimal health, in some cases can be fatal to our health. After being exposed to the concepts of Meridian System, you realize it is like internet network system. All parts are linked and information must flow, i.e. Qi must flow in order to attend optimal health. And exercises, many healing techniques, food therapy should be designed to ensure integrity of the Meridian Systems to attend the optimal health. Whether you want to improve your health, or you are suffering from illnesses, there are so many healing methods you can apply yourself. You are surprised to see that, after understanding the concepts and theory, it is not difficult to practice Life Cultivation.

Knowledge from the ancient wisdom gives you the power to heal yourself & your loved ones.

More information about the course Meridians, Qi-exercises & other self-help Healing Methods

Almost everyone recognizes the importance of exercise, that it is good for health. At the same time, there are many different notions and understanding about exercises. We have experts in exercises like sport-persons or athletes develop in sickness like cancers. Some die in the midst of their sport performance. This raises questions about the general idea that “Exercise is good for health?”. In this video : ” Meridians, Qi-exercises & other self-help Healing Methods “, we analyze and put in place the definition of exercises, that of the western types of exercises and the ancient wisdom Qi-exercises. In ancient wisdom, the concept of Qi exercises is related to Meridians. And Meridians with their associated acupoints are the area of application by Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM) doctors. It implies that Qi exercises or application of Qi movement can bring about healing. There are more to Meridians. Food classification is also associated to Meridians, what foods can help nourish what Meridians, which in turn helps which organ functionality like Liver, Heart etc. The concept of Meridians can be applied to understanding diseases like cancers, Parkinson, Autism etc. And the Solutions are in the Meridians too. What we see is the pointing to a direction of holism and integration. It is not just exercises per se, or health, but include so many like food therapy, our emotions, psychology and personality and our lifestyle and life attitudes. I hope you find it amazing.

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