Mastering SQL Server Replication by Syed Kareem

Udemy course Mastering SQL Server Replication by Syed Kareem

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  • Author: Syed Kareem
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Abouth Syed Kareem

I am Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) having 18+ years hands on working experience with SQL Server, Oracle and Cloud computing products. I am a big supporter of SQL Server and Azure. I want to share my experience to interested SQL and Microsoft products lovers. Conducted training programs for all the top MNCs.

Mastering SQL Server Replication

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SQL Server Replication is one of a object level high availability feature which allows to replication or synchronize data across the databases. We have both options to synchronize data in one-way or bi-directional way. We can implement master/slave or multi-master replication scenarios with SQL Server. SQL Server supports both homogeneous and heterogeneous replication options i.e. we can replicate changes between SQL Server to SQL Server instances as well as SQL Server to Oracle/Sybase any other RDBMS products. Even we can make Oracle as Publisher and SQL Server as subscriber. Unlike Log Shipping and Database Mirroring SQL Server Replication allows to maintain some part of the database or required objects in different servers. We can synchronize data between same domain servers or different domain servers. This course is designed to master SQL Server Replication technology . Course is designed to target beginners as well as advanced SQL Server professionals. This course describes complete Replication features including introduction to High Availability features in SQL Server, introduction to Replication feature, replication entities, types of subscriptions, architecture, Types of replication options like Snapshot Replication, Transactional Replication, Merge Replication and Peer to Peer Replication, monitoring and Troubleshooting common issues in replication. You will learn complete replication features step by step with 100% practical oriented. So start learning now….!

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