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Udemy course Mastering Git by Packt Publishing

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  • Author: Packt Publishing
  • Course rating: 4.1
  • Category: Programming Languages
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Packt Publishing

Packt has been committed to developer learning since 2004. A lot has changed in software since then – but Packt has remained responsive to these changes, continuing to look forward at the trends and tools defining the way we work and live. And how to put them to work.

Mastering Git

What the udemy Mastering Git course teaches?

What you’ll learn Work in parallel on different parts of your project and manage diversions with the aid of branching in Git Manage conflicts in your Git app with the help of Merge, a developer’s “magic missile” Eliminate errors easily with features such as Reset and Revert and develop clean code in Git Make your code linear and get better control over it with features such as Rebase and Blame Control your changes in code effortlessly with the help of Patches in Git Integrate external software into your project without affecting your app, with the help of SubModules

Manage your projects with the aid of hands-on exercises that make Git easy for you

More information about the course Mastering Git

This course is an exploration of solo and collaborative Source Control Management with the intention of expanding and improving your confidence and expertise with Git. You’ll begin with a brief overview of Source Control Management before setting up and verifying your Git installation. Then, you’ll move on to a more detailed look at the Git workflow and explore variants and the not-so-rare “special situations”. With a strong understanding of the Git history and structure, you’ll learn how to use powerful tools as Branching, Merging, Reset, Revert and so on. Next, you’ll take a deep dive into more intriguing features of Git such as, Rebase, Stash, Aliases, and Patches. You will explore several examples of these commands to improve the efficiency of using Git. Finally, when you have mastered the various tools provided by Git, you’ll be provided with some suggestions that’ll help you to move forward with Git. Once you are done with this course, perhaps you will be the one providing answers to others in trouble! About the Author Thom Parkin has been writing software since the days when all phones had wires. A self-proclaimed ParaHacker, Thom immerses himself in technology both professionally and as a hobby, spending his free time participating in the world of open source software. When he is not playing euro board games, he is writing software or writing about software development.

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