Mastering Ansys CFD (Level 2) by Sijal Ahmed

Udemy course Mastering Ansys CFD (Level 2) by Sijal Ahmed

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Course data:

  • Author: Sijal Ahmed
  • Course rating: 4.2
  • Category: Other Design
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Sijal Ahmed

My name is Sijal Ahmed. And I am in CFD field since 2005 when I finished my studies in same field from one of the top university in Pakistan. I have passion for CFD and I want to spread this knowledge to students who are just starting their career.

Mastering Ansys CFD (Level 2)

What the udemy Mastering Ansys CFD (Level 2) course teaches?

What you’ll learn Should be able to process geometry in Spaceclaim. Import model in ICEMCFD and create high quality tetra-prism mesh with proper resolution. Solve and post process problem in Fluent Be will be able to solve external aerodynamics using CFD techniques Solve turbomachinery CFD Understands turbulence modeling, boundary layer and Y+

External aerodynamics and turbo-machinery CFD in Ansys Fluent, ICEMCFD, Space Claim & Design Modeler

More information about the course Mastering Ansys CFD (Level 2)

This is the most practical type of CFD course available online. This will enhance your CFD skill level from basic to very advanced level. CFD is the is filed of science to solve fluid dynamics and heat transfer problems using numerical models on computer. With the advent of high end computers, it is now possible to solve these problems with great detail which will help you in preliminary and also in detailed design phase. This is specially designed course for learning Ansys CFD at professional level  . In this course, you will learn how to solve complex engineering problems in fluid dynamics using CFD techniques. You will go through each and every step of CFD simulation from geometry to meshing to solution and processing.  You will master the CFD skills on external aerodynamics and turbomachinery in this course. Our main emphasis is on the learning the actual process of CFD simulation. That is to extract important info from the given data, create geometry, clean geometry and create domain around it. This is done in Spaceclaim and design modeler. After that we mesh that geometry with state of the art CFD software such as ICEMCFD. Subsequently that mesh is imported into Fluent or CFX to solve the equations of flow and heat transfer numerically in iterative fashion. You will learn how to setup problem, how to apply most appropriate boundary conditions How to choose best turbulence model, what should be best Y+ value and how to choose and implement in your CFD model. After that you will about solution and solution and data monitoring. After solution, you will learn how to post process results, how to understand them and most importantly how to compare them with available  analytical and/or experimental data. In absence of these two options how to apply best practices to ensure highest possible quality of your CFD analysis. Latest workshop added in this course is on August 15 2021: “CFD Analysis of Complete Aircraft Model : Lockheed P3C orion”

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