Mastering Agile Technical User Stories and Spikes by Sanjeet Biswas

Udemy course Mastering Agile Technical User Stories and Spikes by Sanjeet Biswas

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  • Author: Sanjeet Biswas
  • Course rating: 4.1
  • Category: IT & Software
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Sanjeet Biswas

I am a product development & delivery consultant. I advise large corporations on ways to build high performance product teams combining my know how on a variety of domains such as agile frameworks, code craftsmanship practices, continuous deployment & delivery, hypothesis based product development, decentralized decision making, empowering teams, organizational change realization and such. My work is truly a calling as it allows me to blend two of my biggest passions technology and building teams to bring great products to fruition. Great companies have at least 3 ingredients in common – terrific people, exciting products and effective processes. My work allows me to positively impact 2 out of these 3 ingredients – process and product. In addition, I also create paid online courses which are available globally. This allows me to utilize my know how in the service of a wider audience. An advise that I try to live by is what my mother said to me years ago, “While talent & hard work are important, goodwill of others is a more crucial ingredient for meaningful & long lasting success.”

Mastering Agile Technical User Stories and Spikes

What the udemy Mastering Agile Technical User Stories and Spikes course teaches?

What you’ll learn Learn what a technical user story is. Learn how to write clear & concise technical user stories. Learn how to determine the “user” or the “who” in a technical user story. Learn what a spike is and when it is needed. Learn how to write a spike. Learn how to prioritize technical user stories & spikes in a product backlog. Learn about anti-patterns w.r.t technical user stories. Learn about anti-patterns w.r.t spikes.

Learn everything you need to know to discover and write technical user stories and spikes.

More information about the course Mastering Agile Technical User Stories and Spikes

A healthy product backlog also comprises of Technical user stories and Spikes (in addition to user stories). This course is designed to teach you the essence of technical user stories & spikes, how to discover & write them and also how to avoid anti-patterns regarding technical user stories & spikes. In short, this course will help you to master these 2 topics by providing an in-depth review . Plus, as with all my other courses, there will be lots of real life examples of technical user stories and spikes to help you quickly connect with and learn the course material.

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