Master O-Level Physics – Part 1 by MUNRO KAGWE

Udemy course Master O-Level Physics – Part 1 by MUNRO KAGWE

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  • Author: MUNRO KAGWE
  • Course rating: 4.6
  • Category: Teaching & Academics
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Hi there. I am a high school teacher with over 20 years teaching MECHANICS at Advanced Level and PHYSICS at both Advanced-Level and O-Level respectively. I specialize in the examinations offered by CIE (Cambridge International Examinations). I have taught on a one-on-one basis as a Private Tutor and as a regular teacher. I have documented concepts that students seem to have difficulties in. Consequently my course is designed in such a way that these are addressed.

Master O-Level Physics - Part 1

What the udemy Master O-Level Physics – Part 1 course teaches?

What you’ll learn “Master O-Level Physics – Part 1” explores the following concepts: Measurement, Force, Pressure, Particulate nature of Matter, Thermal Expansion, Heat Transfer, Rectilinear propagation of light and reflection at plane surfaces, Electrostatics – part 1, Cells and simple circuits.

Introduction to Basic Physics Concepts

More information about the course Master O-Level Physics – Part 1

” Master O-Level Physics – Part 1 ” is the first part of a series of courses intended to comprehensively cover Physics at Ordinary Level. In this course, basic concepts involving General Physics are examined. These include: Measurement (Part 1) – Length, area, volume and mass, density , Force , Pressure , Particulate Nature of Matter , Thermal Expansion , Heat transfer , Rectilinear propagation of light and reflection at plane surfaces , Electrostatics (Part 1) The concepts are covered in a progression which is not only familiar to most O-Level Physics syllabi¬† in most countries, but also follows the natural way in which concepts are introduced for the first time in Physics. I have spend significant time on Physical Quantities and Units as I desire that the actual meaning of ” definition of a physical quantity” to be understood right from the start. The concepts are arranged in sections. The student is advised to follow this order of coverage of concepts as it starts from known to unknown . But if need be the student may skip to a topic of their choice if they are comfortable with a given concept. I make use of ” Smart Document ” to ensure that students have clearly understood what I have just taught them. These are downloadable PDF files which allow the student to navigate from the question to the answer and back to the question or to the next question without having to scroll through many pages. This allows the student to save time and work comfortably using digital materials. The same can be printed and serve as short notes for the lectures.

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