Master Myofascial Cupping by Jess Reynolds

Udemy course Master Myofascial Cupping by Jess Reynolds

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  • Author: Jess Reynolds
  • Course rating: 4.8
  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Modality: Online
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  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Jess Reynolds

am a practicing Doctor of Tradition
Chinese Medicine and Integrative Medicine. 
My practice has been tremendously gratifying, and through it I have had
the opportunity to work with many people helping them heal, body mind and
spirit.  Through my practice, I soon
discovered my true passion however: teaching. 
I have been teaching in the classroom for the last five years, and have
been told by students and colleagues alike that it is my purpose. The focus
of my lectures has been Psychology, Personal Growth, Nutrition and
Orthopedic Assessment.  My passion
however is in self-development of any kind. 
I am a true believer in becoming the best version of yourself.  I see Udemy as the perfect platform to bring
my lessons to more people.

Master Myofascial Cupping

What the udemy Master Myofascial Cupping course teaches?

What you’ll learn Students will have a deeper understanding of the uses of cups in massage therapy. Students will learn to assess myofascial adhesions with greater confidence and accuracy. Students will be guided through the best and most effective ways to incorporate cups into their treatment plan. Students will have a variety of new methods to use cups in treating myofascial restrictions. As an added bonus students will be taught how to use cups for self-care in a variety of unique and highly effective ways.

Assessment and Treatment of Myofascia Using Cupping

More information about the course Master Myofascial Cupping

Have you ever thought “ is cupping really working? ” while treating? Or while getting out your cups, fumbled with an explanation of how they work when your client asks? If so, you are in the right place. Cupping has been gaining popularity rapidly, particularly after the last Olympics when several athletes were seen with the classic red circle marks of cupping. Celebrities are on the bandwagon as well. All of this is for good reason . The health benefits to be had from the regular use of myofascial cupping therapy are vast. Many massage therapy programs are now teaching basic cupping techniques as part of their program, and if not, taking a cupping course is usually one of the first courses taken for CE credits by many therapists. This course is the next level . I will be going over key concepts such as: How to accurately identify myofascial adhesions How to painlessly and quickly treat adhesions The most up to date research on how cupping works How to seamlessly add cupping into your treatment plan I have been using cups as a regular part of treatment for almost a decade . I have treated hundreds of patients , and through that experience, I have developed a technique that has given me the fastest, longest lasting and most reliable results when using cups . This course is designed to build a strong foundation for using myofascial cups. I will show you how to go beyond treating general myofascial adhesions. I have thoughtfully and painstakingly put together the most comprehensive course on myofascial cupping, but it all starts with assessment. As an instructor at one of the most successful massage colleges in Canada, I have realized that identifying and assessing myofascial adhesions is the hardest concept to grasp. This course demonstrates the exact technique on how to do so with complete clarity. Note: This course is not valid for continuing education credits/hours.

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