Make with THE Mind (Guided Meditation and Therapeutic Art) by Kate Havord

Udemy course Make with THE Mind (Guided Meditation and Therapeutic Art) by Kate Havord

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  • Author: Kate Havord
  • Course rating: 3.5
  • Category: Personal Development
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Kate Havord

Kate Havord is a State registered Art therapist who has worked for many years with a diverse range of individuals. She is passionate about healing and helping adults and children alike thrive and flourish by tapping into their own innate creative selves. She has a dynamic and energetic approach that can inspire and encourage individuals to step outside of their comfort zone and find connection and inspiration. Getting people in touch with the playful free part of themselves is a joy to Kate who lives this part of herself openly. She is co-founder of Creativity Matters where she helps run workshops designed to allow people to explore the exciting world of guided visualization to music and art making in a group setting with a diverse range of people..

Make with THE Mind (Guided Meditation and Therapeutic Art)

What the udemy Make with THE Mind (Guided Meditation and Therapeutic Art) course teaches?

What you’ll learn By the end of the course you will get an understanding of how our inner world is reflected in our outer world. You will get the chance to connect with the innate wise part of yourself and facilitate healing and change through chakra clearing. You will develop your capacity for guided meditation and unleash your creative potential by developing your art making and journalling.

Work with the Unconscious using Creative visualisation, Chakra clearing and Art making to heal and transform your life

More information about the course Make with THE Mind (Guided Meditation and Therapeutic Art)

Hi this course is for anyone who instinctively knows that there is more to existence than the meets the eye and feels they have untapped creative potential that they want to use to create positive change in their lives. It’s for people who want to create a deeper connection between the inner world and their outer experience. This course is for those people who are ready to explore and move towards healing any issues both physical and emotional, using their own innate wisdom. It’s for those who are curious and want to get in touch with the playful creative part of themselves and who wish to liberate themselves using their untapped creativity. Why take this course This course will develop your creativity and ability to express your true self. It gives you the opportunity to explore your inner world for the purpose of healing and it will lead you towards greater wholeness and well-being. You will gain a deeper understanding of how to bring awareness to your life experience so that you become the conscious co-creator of your life rather than someone who feels powerless to circumstance. This course can help you create balance and harmony and it gives you the opportunity to develop your imagination and liberate yourself creatively. You will benefit from the meditation not only from the opportunity to balance and clear your Chakras (energy centres) but also by creating time and space for deep relaxation of the body. How is this course structured? There are sections to work through giving a background to Guided meditation using Creative visualisation and how we can use the Unconscious mind to transform our life experience. There are also worksheets to help you set your intentions and identify limiting beliefs, then a guided meditation followed by a choice of art activities. In this course you will Discover how to identify release limiting beliefs and blockages that keep you feeling stuck Develop a relationship with your inner world and imagination Learn how to use your imagination and feelings to manifest positive experiences and change in your life Discover and release your creative potential by engaging in carefully structured art activities Learn how to focus the mind in a meditative state and clear energetic blockages Create a personal narrative of your experience through journaling Gain an understanding of the universal laws and how to tap into the unconscious mind to improve your life experience and heal yourself The course includes a guided meditation that invites clearing of the energy centres in the body called chakras. You will need a device on which to listen to the meditation and possibly headphones for the best results. You will need to purchase basic art materials in order to complete the therapeutic art activities at the end of the meditation sessions. A list of these can be found in section 4 you will also need to buy a notebook that will become your journal How long is the course? Having used the process of meditation visualisation and creative expression to heal myself fibromyalgia I know that each of us has the power within to become our own healers. Using our unconscious mind to tap into the vast reservoir of pure potential, universal energy is something we all can do with the right guidance. In this respect this course and journey towards inner growth healing and personal development can become an ongoing one. Healing and change take time so I suggest you to use this course regularly to see benefits. There are 10 art activities so there is an invitation to at least work your way through those; perhaps once a week would be a good commitment to yourself. The meditation is the same each time so as to create a deepening experience and last approximately one hour and 20 minutes. I encourage you to spend at least 30 minutes on the art activity afterwards. What am I going to get An inner sacred place that you can return to again and again for relaxation healing and connection to your greater wise self. You w…

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