Level one, beginners course in Reflexology by deborah: casey

Udemy course Level one, beginners course in Reflexology by deborah: casey

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  • Author: deborah: casey
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  • Category: Other Health & Fitness
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Providing a range of holistic practitioner training courses to students interested in learning how to look after themselves, their family, friends and potentially develop a business and receive paying clients. Please ensure you read course information fully and note any pre-requisites that must be fulfilled; course requisites are obligator without prejudice.  Also note our certifications, for our worldwide, highly acclaimed, recognised qualifications, has a separate fee, payable in advance of release of the qualification. Our professional qualified courses are recognised, by our partner insurance company, for which you will require our certifications; other fees apply for professional therapist insurance.  Also students can request addition to our professional membership register and therapist directory and gain support therein . Our courses have been approved by the IICT however they will only accept our certifications if you have attended in person training which we do not provide – our training is all on line as provided. Our organisation provides: 1. Education and Training to students internationally 2. Some courses are for information only 3. Access to professional membership with the British Holistic Therapy Organisations or British Reiki Organisation (other, separate fees apply) 4. Access to professional therapist insurance with out partner organisation, which is now available to students internationally (other, separate fees apply) (Please note wherever in the video lessons ‘Calm Oasis Holistic Therapy’ is stated it is now ‘Calm Oasis International’) Please note the public business is being retired to remove the maritime, legal state.  This is being replaced by private status with a new name.  As such this will reflect on our platforms.  This is to bring us into the jurisdiction of Common Law, under British Constitution reflected in commonwealth countries, and we commit to our standing under Common Law state to do no harm, cause no injury or loss with remedy under the Common law.

Level one, beginners course in Reflexology

What the udemy Level one, beginners course in Reflexology course teaches?

After completing this level one beginner’s course in Reflexology, you will: Have a broad understanding of Reflexology, foot maps, zones and reflex points Through activities, identify the basic structures of the foot. Be able to identify when not to use Reflexology Understand some of the basic anatomy and physiology related to reflex points Know how to progress onto the next level of learning and what the requirements are Be able to apply Reflexology to your own feet in a self-treatment practice Understand aftercare and what you must do to improve treatment benefits Understand some of the benefits of treatment Understand possible responses to treatment

Natural and Holistic therapy for health and well-being

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