Learning Path:Swift: Protocol-Oriented Programming by Packt Publishing

Udemy course Learning Path:Swift: Protocol-Oriented Programming by Packt Publishing

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  • Author: Packt Publishing
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Packt has been committed to developer learning since 2004. A lot has changed in software since then – but Packt has remained responsive to these changes, continuing to look forward at the trends and tools defining the way we work and live. And how to put them to work.

Learning Path:Swift: Protocol-Oriented Programming

What the udemy Learning Path:Swift: Protocol-Oriented Programming course teaches?

What you’ll learn Know the advantages of using protocols in your code Explore the basic and advanced features of protocols Create and use generic functions and types in Swift Use generics with protocols in order to write powerful and flexible generic code Explore some under-the-hood details of protocols that can help you use them efficiently in your code Master some of the new protocol features in Swift 4

Know the advantages of Swift protocols and how to use them effectively in your code

More information about the course Learning Path:Swift: Protocol-Oriented Programming

Swift is a general-purpose, multi-paradigm, and compiled programming language developed by Apple Inc. Protocol-oriented programming offers a lot of benefits including better code maintainability, increased developer productivity, and superior application performance. Using right protocols can transform the way you write your Swift code. If you are a Swift developer and want to improve the flexibility, maintainability, and reusability of your code, then you should surely go for this Learning Path. Packt’s Video Learning Paths are a series of individual video products put together in a logical and stepwise manner such that each video builds on the skills learned in the video before it. The highlights of this Learning Path are: Use protocols effectively in real-world applications Solve common problems when working with protocols Explore some of the new features in Swift 4 Let’s take a quick look at your learning journey. This Learning Path shows you how to get the most out of protocol-oriented programming. With useful examples and practical, step-by-step instructions, you’ll create protocols and use them in your code. Taking you beyond the basics, this Learning Path teaches you advanced techniques and ways-of-thinking that will improve the way you use protocols, and shows you how to solve common problems you’ll face when working with protocols. Finally, you’ll be building your first app with protocols. By the end of this Learning Path, you’ll be ready to use protocols in production to improve the effectiveness of your code. You’ll be a protocol programming expert! About the Author Hamish Knight is a Computer Science undergraduate at the University of Bath in the UK with a passion for Swift. Hamish is always interested in exploring how Swift operates at a lower level, and enjoy posting answers to Swift questions on Stack Overflow. Furthermore, he has over three years of experience developing mobile apps for iOS, with four apps currently on the App Store.

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