LEARNING PATH: Redux: Real-World Applications with Redux by Packt Publishing

Udemy course LEARNING PATH: Redux: Real-World Applications with Redux by Packt Publishing

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Packt has been committed to developer learning since 2004. A lot has changed in software since then – but Packt has remained responsive to these changes, continuing to look forward at the trends and tools defining the way we work and live. And how to put them to work.

LEARNING PATH: Redux: Real-World Applications with Redux

What the udemy LEARNING PATH: Redux: Real-World Applications with Redux course teaches?

What you’ll learn Boost your productivity with the latest client technologies Solve problems using nothing but reducers, actions, and components Save time and code by discovering the libraries that solve the most common problems Connect the boundary of your client application with well-defined server communication Find out how to test asynchronous action creators and reducers Develop confidence in your code quality and your ability to refactor when all your code is thoroughly tested Implement firing actions in Redux Applying Redux Reducers to the application

Level up your web applications skills by harnessing the power of Flux architecture using the Redux framework

More information about the course LEARNING PATH: Redux: Real-World Applications with Redux

Are you interested to use Redux for building larger, efficient applications as well as simplify the development of your application? Then you should surely go for this Learning Path. Packt’s Video Learning Paths are a series of individual video products put together in a logical and stepwise manner such that each video builds on the skills learned in the video before it. Redux completes the missing piece of the React framework, and is used at the core of React for most complex React projects. Redux is also a predictable state container for JavaScript apps which helps you write applications that behave consistently, run in different environments (client, server, and native), and are easy to test. Redux provides you with a great developer experience, such as live code editing combined with a time-traveling debugger. Redux can be used together with any view library, not just React! Redux provides a solution which will help your applications behave consistently. It is an evolution, helping you avoid the complexity found in Flux on how applications are built. The highlights of this Learning Path are: Build rich client applications with quality engineering principles to develop confidence in your code quality Understand the basics of Redux and how it fits into the JavaScript framework Build a complete real life application Let’s take a quick look at your learning journey… This Learning Path begins with the basics of React development, where you’ll get a better understanding of how React applications are organized compared to other JavaScript applications. Then you’ll learn the principles of the Flux architecture before diving into one of its most popular implementations: Redux. You’ll build a simple React application and rewrite it with Redux. Moving on, you’ll turn your simple client into a single page application. You’ll focus on retrieving lists of records from the server and paginating them, starting by leveraging the Redux framework to implement our own pagination. Then we’ll replace most of the code we’ve written so far, with a third-party package that neatly solves the problem of form submission for us. After that, you’ll submit the form with axios, use react-router to redirect on success, and leverage toastr to display error notifications. You’ll encounter a practical introduction to Redux and how it fits into the JavaScript ecosystem. You’ll understand how to use Redux with your application and work with ES6/7, Reducers, firing actions, Thunks and selectors. You will learn the rules of working with Redux and advanced concepts to configure your application. Finally, you’ll apply the Redux concepts we have learned to a real-world application – a messaging board similar to Reddit that is written in React. By taking this completed example application you witness how Redux can dramatically simplify the development of your application. By the end of this Learning Path, you’ll be able to apply all the concepts learned to a real life application and know exactly why you should use Redux for building larger applications. Meet Your Experts: We have the best work of the following esteemed authors to ensure that your learning journey is smooth: Sam Slotsky is a software engineer and saxophonist originating from Sioux City, IA. He attended the University of Iowa for Computer Science and Music and is currently employed by Ackmann& Dickenson, Inc. of Minneapolis, specializing in back-end web applications, databases, and JavaScript. Additionally, Sam has authored and contributed to open source packages for use with the React, Redux, Knockout, and Meteor framework. Cooking and playing chess are his favorite pastime activities.Husband and father of three, he writes software programs during the day, cooks in the evening, listens to jazz obsessively, and has a bit of a thing for cycling. Colibri is a technology consultancy company founded in 2015 by James Cross and Ingrid Funie. The company works to help its clients navigate the…

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