Learn to Trade The News by Thomas Franklin, Springboardyourtrading

Udemy course Learn to Trade The News by Thomas Franklin, Springboardyourtrading

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  • Author: Thomas Franklin, Springboardyourtrading
  • Course rating: 4.7
  • Category: Finance & Accounting
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Thomas Franklin, Springboardyourtrading

Tom embodies the determination and motivation required to achieve the most challenging of goals. Having decided 8 years ago, knowing very little about the world financial markets, that he wished to trade full time he put blood, sweat and tears into making it happen.

Learn to Trade The News

What the udemy Learn to Trade The News course teaches?

What you’ll learn Learn how to trade live economic news events for powerful, quick profits A comprehensive understanding of how and why news moves the FX markets A way to decipher which particular news items will move the markets the most A way to focus in on the currency pairs likely to generate the greatest profit A process to follow to create trading plans well in advance of an economic event to know exactly what to trade and how to trade it Powerful tools necessary to get a huge edge over the retail market Instruction on how to replicate the trading approach of the professional institutions Full instruction on how to utilise similar tools to which the professional institutions use, without the heavy costs Learn how to keep risk low and reward high on every trade Numerous trade examples illustrating and bringing to life the learnings from the course Demonstrations on how to use each key trader resource How to set-up and use your trading account Quiz questions at the end of each major section to ensure your learnings are on track Lifetime access Show more Show less

Learn how to take advantage of the powerful FX trading opportunities provided by economic news announcements each week!

More information about the course Learn to Trade The News

Each and every single month there are large movements generated in the FX markets as a direct result of economic news announcements. It is what the large institutional traders utilise to make huge returns each year and as a individual private trader you can do exactly the same. This course will help to align you with the professional traders and, if you are new to news based trading, give you a whole new way of viewing the markets. This course will provide a comprehensive introduction to trading these powerful economic news announcements including how to prepare for, and then take full advantage of trading opportunities presented to you every month. High impact news events create large and fast movements and the course is dedicated to helping you master the art of trading them safely and successfully. In addition to learning to physically trade the news, this course will provide you with a more solid understanding of the news and how it impacts the currency markets specifically. This knowledge will provide huge benefits to your trading results, irrelevant of your current trading style.

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