Learn to Build Apps for Apple WatchOS by Eduonix Learning Solutions

Udemy course Learn to Build Apps for Apple WatchOS by Eduonix Learning Solutions

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Learn to Build Apps for Apple WatchOS

What the udemy Learn to Build Apps for Apple WatchOS course teaches?

What you’ll learn Learn to create apps for the WatchOS Learn to interact between your iPhone and the Wearable Learn what is new in WatchOS Create seamless apps which work together on iOS and WatchOS

A quick and easy guide to teach you the complete App making process for Apple Watch

More information about the course Learn to Build Apps for Apple WatchOS

Technology is constantly changing and evolving to keep up with our need for faster, smaller and more interactive devices. This need has pushed for numerous innovations including the smartphones and, now smart wearables. One of these smart wearables include smart watches, which are basically watches that are designed to perform more functions than just telling the time. One of the key players in the smart watches segment is Apple, with the introduction of its Apple Watch in 2015. Apple Watch is basically a wearable that works alongside with the iPhone, making the phone more accessible, without having to constantly touch it. It shows you notifications, messages, phone calls, time, etc. However, now the Watch is no longer limited to the built in applications or functions that Apple has provided. Similar to the apps available on the phone, developers can now create applications for the Watch as well. This is where the watchOS comes in. As the name suggests, the WatchOS is the operating system designed by Apple for its Apple Watch. It shares numerous similarities and features with the operating system – iOS – found on iPhone. Our complete course on WatchOS is the perfect tutorial to get you acquainted with the OS and its many different features. The course has been designed to cover the basics and then progress to the advanced concepts. The WatchOS tutorial will also cover the differences between the WatchOS 1 and WatchOS 2, along with going over the latest features that comes with the WatchOS 2 and how to incorporate those into your app. From what is the WatchOS, to its life cycle, to working with its controls; this app has everything that you need to understand Apple Watch’s OS. Finally, the course will also include a hands-on tutorial of how to build an app for the Apple Watch. Learn how to also use the fancy features provided by Apple including the Force Touch, Digital Crown, Haptic Feedback, and Handoff. With so much loaded into this one course, this is the only course that you need to learn everything about the WatchOS . So, what are you waiting for? Enroll now and start cranking out Apps for the coolest gadget on the market.

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