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Udemy course Learn SQL using MySQL Database by AcroTop Demy

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Learn SQL using MySQL Database

What the udemy Learn SQL using MySQL Database course teaches?

What you’ll learn Learn SQL Queries from Basics. Learn the process of handling Complex Queries. Learn how to manage database in MySQL. Learn SQL queries to explore and analyze databases using MySQL.

Basic MySQL Database and Complete SQL Course for Beginners with so many Practical Example

More information about the course Learn SQL using MySQL Database

Now-a-days, everyone should have a sound knowledge in maintaining databases. You may be an IT expert, Business professional or in any other profession, if you don’t know how to maintain data then you would not feel comfortable with your profession. SQL and MySQL, both are the powerful tools for managing and analyzing relational databases. In this course you are going to learn both of them. Each topics of the course have been demonstrated in MySQL Prompt that may enable you to understand the process of writing a high quality SQL. The Instructor of this course has a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering with 15+ years of experience. He teaches in a very fundamental level and prepares you to learn in an expertise level. If you are seriously interested in learning a Database with so many practical example then the Course may be a best choice for you. Enroll in this course and take an opportunity to learn a very on-demand skill. Course Content —————————- => Introduction Introduction to Database,  SQL and MySQL => Data Definition Language (DDL) CREATE, ALTER, RENAME, DROP => Data Manipulation Language (DML) INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE => Data Query Language (DQL) SELECT, ORDER BY, WHERE, IN, HAVING, LIKE, DISTINCT etc. => DQL in Multiple Table JOIN Concepts, LEFT Join, RIGHT Join, FULL OUTER Join, SELF Join => Transaction Control Language (TCL) COMMT, ROLLBACK, SAVEPOINT etc. => MySQL Functions Numeric, String, Date etc.

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