Learn SQL From Scratch No Experience Required by Fahmi Eshaq

Udemy course Learn SQL From Scratch No Experience Required by Fahmi Eshaq

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  • Author: Fahmi Eshaq
  • Course rating: 4.1
  • Category: Development
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Fahmi Eshaq

Fahmi Eshaq is a proactive and versatile SQL data analyst offering a diverse background in designing relational databases, writing ad-hoc SQL queries, scraping data, and writing SQL reports.

Learn SQL From Scratch No Experience Required

What the udemy Learn SQL From Scratch No Experience Required course teaches?

What you’ll learn Basic SQL Advanced SQL Write Ad-Hoc SQL Queries Reports Relational Data Modeling Entity Relationship Modeling Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) Design Databases from Scratch (RDBMS) Develop Databases from Scratch Oracle SQL Developer Tool (IDE) Practice Real-World Hands-On Projects Develop Databases for Custom Web Applications 50 Downloadable Resources Show more Show less

Become SQL Expert! No Experience Required

More information about the course Learn SQL From Scratch No Experience Required

This Oracle database course teaches you everything you need to know about databases! 2-in-1 you get two VERY important subjects in ONE COURSE: database design (theory) and Oracle SQL (hands-on). Learn necessary skills for getting a highly paid database job. Whatever you learn in this database course is applicable to Oracle, MySQL, Access, DB2, and the like. This course is the most comprehensive database course for beginners you could ever find in Udemy. This course is divided into 4 sections – watch them in sequence: Section 1. Introduction to Databases (Very Basic) Section 2. Design Phase (Practical Theory) Section 3. Physical Phase (SQL) with lots of exercises – You will practice on Oracle platform Section 4. Five Real-world Hands-on Projects (Fast paced. You have to watch section #2 and section #3 first) Through out the course, you’ll receive 50 downloadable resources such as exercises and projects to help you follow along with me. With no experience required, this database course will take you from a complete beginner to a confident and competent database developer who is able to productively contribute to projects and achieve the results you want. Feel free to ask me questions! I’ll be happy to help you out. ~~~~~~~~~~~ Database classes are expensive. You pay for Hotel + Food + Travel + Tuition fees! A combined Relational Database Developer (RDBMS) Class + SQL Query Writing Course + Advanced SQL Writing Class quickly adds up to more than $5000. You are getting this course for LESS than a fraction of that cost! ~~~~~~~~~~~ **** WARNING: If you are expecting this course to be part of Udemy’s promotion, you are wrong. This course is NOT part of Udemy’s promotions and it WILL NOT be part of udemy’s promotions. The course’s price is $200 and it will remain $200. Don’t miss the course! Start Now… ANOTHER Warning: this database course is not for everyone. The course is quite intensive and you have to watch them in sequence unless YOU ALREADY HAVE DATABASE EXPERIENCE. I broke the course into many short videos to help beginners understand the course. Join Now! P.S. You can download PowerPoint slides in video #4 Don’t miss out…Start Now!

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