Learn Kung Fu Online – Intermediate by Mark Ringer BA Hons PGCE Sifu

Udemy course Learn Kung Fu Online – Intermediate by Mark Ringer BA Hons PGCE Sifu

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Course data:

  • Author: Mark Ringer BA Hons PGCE Sifu
  • Course rating: 5.0
  • Category: Martial Arts & Self Defense
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Mark Ringer BA Hons PGCE Sifu

Mark began his Martial Arts training as a teenager, becoming a regional boxing champion before moving on to train in Kyokushin Karate and then Tai Kwon Do.

Learn Kung Fu Online - Intermediate

What the udemy Learn Kung Fu Online – Intermediate course teaches?

What you’ll learn The five secondary blocks of the system that enable appropriate defense and counter strikes from any attack Multiple kicks combinations that have devastating effectiveness Use of yielding dynamics that deflect and absorb an opponent’s force to be return with unbeatable speed How to deliver different punches, knife hand strikes and ridge hands Tactical targeting to end any confrontation with speed, reducing the risk to you Use of the straight stance to advance or tactically retreat with speed and efficiency Overall strategy for understanding when to move in aggressively and when to keep defensively on the back foot for maximum advantage

Intermediate Level of Tao Te Kung Fu as delivered by Kung Fu Living Online Training System

More information about the course Learn Kung Fu Online – Intermediate

A passion pursued with discipline and a discipline pursued with passion. Tao Te Kung Fu is a complete system that incorporates the most efficient techniques with modern teaching methods. Tao Te Kung Fu has been developed using techniques predominately from the Kung Fu style of Wing Chun. Unlike Traditional Wing Chun, in Tao Te Kung Fu the forms are easy to learn and incorporate the techniques in the way they will work in real life. “Tao Te” means the virtuous or powerful way, and refers to the development of the style within a modern context. There is always the danger that if one becomes entrenched in a tradition, eventually lessons look like some sort of historical re-enactment. Tao Te Kung Fu takes advantage of the most recent developments in the neuroscience of skill acquisition and includes influences from other traditions not available to earlier practitioners and is refreshed with decades of real-life experience in the security industry. Because Tao Te Kung Fu was developed to enable a smaller, weaker fighter to overcome a larger and stronger opponent it is ideally suited to people of all sizes and ages. Not being dependent on vast strength, Tao Te Kung Fu puts an emphasis on efficient techniques, with functional bio-mechanics. In this program you will learn five forms of the system – the Intermediate Level During the Intermediate Level you will learn how to deliver many more strikes and kicks in devastating combinations as well more sophisticated blocks with yielding dynamics that turn an opponent’s force against him with precise knockout strikes. Each 8-part form is short enough to be remembered easily (this is martial arts, not memory training), and practiced until it can be done without thinking. Each form is put together in a way that if any part of it were used automatically, in a violent confrontation, it would deliver a conflict winning combination. The program is set out for you to train every day using several short videos . Adding to your skills in easy to follow steps, you will build a foundation of superb combat skills that will become second nature to you. Some videos are called Repeat Drills , these are of simple techniques that you need to learn so that you can do them without thinking. Once you press play, they will simply repeat continuously until you hit stop. This will enable you to practice each movement many times with a constant visual reference to help you get it right. You don’t want to practice until you get it right, you want to practice until you can’t get it wrong. It is tempting to rush ahead, but you will find that to learn these skills thoroughly, it is best that you master each part as you go even if that means repeating the same day several times. Excellence takes patience and determination. Remember “Kung Fu” means “mastery through discipline.”

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