Learn Digital Signal Processing – From Basics To Advance by Srinivas Andoor

Udemy course Learn Digital Signal Processing – From Basics To Advance by Srinivas Andoor

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  • Author: Srinivas Andoor
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Abouth Srinivas Andoor

Hello My dear Students. My name is Srinivas Andoor. I am GATE ECE senior faculty. I am teaching since fourteen years.  My courses will start always from Basics and discuss up to advance level. For every concept, proper examples discussed  along with real time applications. Whoever aiming for higher jobs or competitive exams, this course will help for their preparation.

Learn Digital Signal Processing - From Basics To Advance

What the udemy Learn Digital Signal Processing – From Basics To Advance course teaches?

What you’ll learn Be able to learn the basic discrete-time signals and system types Be able to learn impulse and frequency response concepts for linear, time-invariant (LTI) systems Be able to learn discrete-time Fourier transform, DFT and basic properties of these Be able to Z and inverse Z transform, region of convergence concepts and their properties Understands block diagram representations of difference equations that realize digital filters, Learns direct forms 1 and 2 for IIR filter realization. Understands Radix-2 Techniques and Learns direct form for FIR filter realization

Complete Course for 2021 – Digital Signal Processing, DSP, Signal Processing, DFT, FFT, Digital Filters

More information about the course Learn Digital Signal Processing – From Basics To Advance

________________________________________________________________ ***** Visit my website for better offers in Instructor profile *****| ——————————————————————————————————–| DSP subject deals with Discrete time signal analysis, Discrete Time systems, DTFT, DFT, FFT, Digital Filters ( IIR and FIR filters). The course covers the essential elements of a DSP system from A/D conversion. The course starts with a detailed overview of discrete-time signals( periodic, even, odd, energy and power ) and systems, representation of the systems by means of differential equations, and their analysis using Fourier and z-transforms. Solving differential equations using Z-Transforms and finding frequency responses. Topics include sampling, impulse response, frequency response, finite and infinite impulse response systems, linear phase systems, digital filter design and implementation, discrete-time Fourier transforms, discrete Fourier transform, and the fast Fourier transform algorithms. Understands the linear convolution( Graphical method and tabular form method) and circular convolution (Matrix and Concentric circle methods) and differences. This course deals with limitations of DTFT and DFT.FFT techniques are DIT-DFT, DIT-IDFT,DIF-DFT and DIF-IDFT techniques. Digital filters are IIR and FIR filters, design methods and implementation. Digital Signal Processing concludes with digital filter design and a discussion of the fast Fourier transform algorithm for computation of the discrete Fourier transform. This course covers Decimation( down sampling) and Interpolation ( up sampling)  operations. This course covers multi rate signal processing and single rate signal processing. I suggest you use the “Signals and Systems” book by Oppenheim or Digital Signal Processing By Proakis.

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