Key Indicators Evaluator (KPI) by José Jossymar Jaimes Velázquez

Udemy course Key Indicators Evaluator (KPI) by José Jossymar Jaimes Velázquez

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  • Author: José Jossymar Jaimes Velázquez
  • Course rating: 3.5
  • Category: Teaching & Academics
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth José Jossymar Jaimes Velázquez

Passionate about the physical and mathematical sciences with an admiration for engineering especially aeronautical engineering, with knowledge of mechanics, electrical, electronics; in addition to experience in aeronautical maintenance, training in air cargo, production in health care products and currently manufacturing engineering for the automotive industry, specifically quality control.

Key Indicators Evaluator (KPI)

What the udemy Key Indicators Evaluator (KPI) course teaches?

What you’ll learn You will learn what a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) You will learn to formulate KPIS with their respective characteristics You will learn to correctly apply KPIS and its respective follow-up Learn the relationship of KPIS with productivity and efficiency Learn to use KPI’s to maintain success factors, make decisions and create new strategies

Formulate and apply KPIS (Key Performance Indicators)

More information about the course Key Indicators Evaluator (KPI)

The term KPI, acronym in English, for Key Performance Indicator, whose meaning in Spanish would become Key Performance Indicator or Performance Meter, refers to a series of metrics that are used to synthesize information on the effectiveness and productivity of companies. Actions carried out in a business in order to be able to make decisions and determine those that have been most effective in meeting the objectives set in a specific process or project. KPIs are also known as quality indicators or key business indicators that can be used and applicable in any business area and productive sector, although they are used in a very common way in online marketing. “The ultimate objective of a KPI is to help make better decisions regarding the current state of a process, project, strategy or campaign and thus be able to define a future line of action.” Why are KPIs used and what benefits do they offer? KPIs are used for various benefits: 1. They allow to obtain valuable and useful information. 2. Measure certain variables and results from said information. 3. Analyze the information and effects of certain strategies (as well as the tasks that were used to carry them out). 4. Compare information and determine effective strategies and tasks. 5. Make the right decisions.

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