Java Lambda & Streams [Examples With Selenium WebDriver] by Vinoth Selvaraj

Udemy course Java Lambda & Streams [Examples With Selenium WebDriver] by Vinoth Selvaraj

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  • Author: Vinoth Selvaraj
  • Course rating: 4.6
  • Category: Software Testing
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Vinoth Selvaraj

Vinoth has been working as a Principal Engineer and he is an AWS certified solution architect associate & Certified Kubernetes Application Developer.

Java Lambda & Streams [Examples With Selenium WebDriver]

What the udemy Java Lambda & Streams [Examples With Selenium WebDriver] course teaches?

What you’ll learn Become very comfortable with Java core concepts Become a rock solid SDET with your Java skills Java Lambda Expressions Java 8 Stream, Filter, Map, Reduce Predicate, Supplier, Consumer, Function functional interfaces Keep yourself up to date with recent Java features Write more readable & easily manageable code

Learn Java 8 Lambda, Stream, Functional Style Programming & How To Apply Them In Test Automation to be a rock solid SDET

More information about the course Java Lambda & Streams [Examples With Selenium WebDriver]

Java is the one of the most popular programming languages. It has still been HOT even after 20 years! There is always huge demand in test automation for the candidates with skill set – Java + Selenium WebDriver . To advance your career in Test Automation and to do your job more efficiently, it is important to know all the basic and advanced concepts of Java well. That is what this is course all about! A┬álot of Live coding & Assignments! By end of this course, you will be comfortable with Java functional style programming Java lambda & streams Writing clean code by using Polymorphism instead of ugly if-else/switch blocks What will you learn? Basics JDK vs JRE Primitive types Reference Types Mutation Avoiding Mutation Polymorphism Abstract vs Interface Collections Wrapper classes Lambda Introduction What is lambda Function as first class objects Higher order functions Method Reference Java Functional Interfaces Supplier Predicate Consumer BiConsumer Function BiFunction Runnable Callable default methods static methods Function AndThen vs Consumer AndThen Rules Engine with Predicates Stream How Stream Works Stream vs Traditional Loop Intermediate Operations Terminal Operations Laziness Reusing stream source map Importance Of Map Operation sort peek skip filter flatmap min max sum IntStream to replace for loop dropWhile takewhile parallel processing findAny findFirst count anyMatch noneMatch making stream more robust Lambdas for BDD projects Optional Collectors toList toSet toMap group by join Misc JShell Immutable Set Immutable List Java 10 – var String API improvements A lots of ASSIGNMENTS ASSIGNMENT – Predicate – Remove Links Contains Letter S Calculator Application ASSIGNMENT – Google Links Text ASSIGNMENT – Checkbox Selection ASSIGNMENT – Finding Broken Links ASSIGNMENT – Selecting Checkbox Based On Gender ASSIGNMENT – File processing ASSIGNMENT – Select Min Price Row ASSIGNMENT – Hoverable Dropdown Selection ASSIGNMENT – Payment Screen Testing Page objects Test Classes with Lambda

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