IT Service Management (ITSM) with ISO/IEC 20000:2018-Part-1 by Ibrahim Hossain

Udemy course IT Service Management (ITSM) with ISO/IEC 20000:2018-Part-1 by Ibrahim Hossain

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IT Service Management (ITSM) with ISO/IEC 20000:2018-Part-1

What the udemy IT Service Management (ITSM) with ISO/IEC 20000:2018-Part-1 course teaches?

What you’ll learn What is Service What is Service Management What is Service Management System Mandatory requirement for Service Management System in ISO/IEC 20000:2018 key concepts and structure of ISO/IEC 20000-1 key concepts related to service managment When and how should organization move to Service Management framework Role of Leadership in service Management Planning of Service Management All Process required for Service Management and How to design the processes

ITIL 4 alternative training, also learn how to integrate IT service management processes with or without ITIL 4

More information about the course IT Service Management (ITSM) with ISO/IEC 20000:2018-Part-1

Course Objective: −key information and concepts for IT service management based on ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018. −builds the fundamental skills and knowledge enabling one to participate in organizational teams working within service management. −emphasis is on the service management system and service management processes, specifically, the core concepts and −basic terminology of IT service management based on ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018. −provide an overall understanding of ITSM service management and ISO/IEC 20000:2018 standard, framework, requirements for anyone involved in defining, planning, auditing, implementing, or managing a service management system (SMS). Course Description: If you want to deliver excellent service to your customer then this course is for you. Every organization wants to add value to customers.  ISO/IEC 20000:2018-1 makes it easy by providing a baseline of what exactly needs to do. It specifies the requirements for an SMS, including how to plan, design, transition, delivers, and improve services so they deliver value for you and your customers. By attending this course you’ll learn about the ISO/IEC 20000:2018-1 requirements and how to interpret and apply the key concepts and principles of the standard to existing processes or build a process within your organization. When some people find ITIL4 is complex to implement, ISO/IEC20000:2018 is easy to understand and implement. However, if you have an understanding and knowledge of ITIL 4, Governance and management framework, it will complement your learning to a great extend. The structure of the course follows the requirements of the standard and includes: Introduction: What is ISO/IEC 20000:2018-1, Who uses ISO/IEC 20000-1, and the basic structure of ISO/IEC 20000-1. 3.1 Terms Specific to management System Standards; explain all 21 basic concepts related to service management standard which is required to understand. (•3.1.1 Audit, •3.1.2 Competence, •3.1.3 Conformity, •3.1.4 Continual Improvement, •3.1.5 Corrective Action •3.1.6 Documented Information, •3.1.7Effectiveness, •3.1.8 Interested Party, •3.1.9 Management System, •3.1.10 Measurement, •3.1.11 Monitoring, •3.1.12 Nonconformity, •3.1.13 Objective, •3.1.14 Organization, •3.1.15 Outsource, •3.1.16 Performance, •3.1.17 Policy, •3.1.18 Process, •3.1.19 Requirement, •3.1.20 Risk, •3.1.21 Top Management) 3.2 Terms Specific Service Management: explain all 29 basic concepts of IT service management which is required to understand. (•3.2.1 Asset , •3.2.2 Configuration Item, •3.2.3 Customer, •3.2.4 External Supplier, •3.2.5 Incident, •3.2.6 Information Security, •3.2.7 Information Security Incident, •3.2.8 Internal Supplier, •3.2.9 Known Error, •3.2.10 Problem,• •3.2.11 Procedure, •3.2.12 Record, noun, •3.2.14 Request for change, •3.2.15 Service, •3.2.16 Service Availability, •3.2.17 Service Catalogue, •3.2.18 Service Component, •3.2.19 Service Continuity, •3.2.20 Service level Management, •3.2.21 Service level Target, •3.2.22 Service Management, •3.2.23 Service Management System, •3.2.24 Service Provider, •3.2.25 Service Request, •3.2.26 Service Requirement, •3.2.27 Transition, •3.2.28 User, •3.2.29 value) Context of the organization (Clause 4 of ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018) – One: Understanding the organization and its context – Two: Understanding the needs and expectations of interested parties – Three: Determining the scope of the service management system – Four: Service Management System Leadership (Clause 5 of ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018) – -Leadership & commitment -Policy -Roles -Responsibilities and Authorities – Planning (Clause 6 of ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018) – Risks and opportunities – Set up objective the Service management system -And the service management plan. Support of the Service Management System (Clause 7 of ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018) – -resources, -competence, -awareness -communication -documented information -and the knowledge needed to facilitate the Service management system – Operation of the Service …

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