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Udemy course Intuitive Coach Certification by Angelfish Academy

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  • Author: Angelfish Academy
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Abouth Angelfish Academy

Hi, I’m Angie, founder of Angelfish Academy. I’ve always loved learning new things and teaching them to others and this is why I trained as a high school teacher.

Intuitive Coach Certification

What the udemy Intuitive Coach Certification course teaches?

What you’ll learn How to develop and use your intuition so you can help clients to do this in their lives

CPD for Coaches

More information about the course Intuitive Coach Certification

If you are a Life Coach who wants to work with clients on a much deeper level, then this is the course for you. It will not only help you to develop your own intuitive skills, but will teach you how you can use these skills with clients so they can help improve their own lives. This Continued Professional Development course will help you stand out from other life coaches by giving you the ability to help your clients delve deeper into their lives and provide them with tools they can use to make decisions based on their instincts, which is where most of the best decisions come from. It will help you gain a better understanding of your clients as well as giving you the awareness you need to help you in your practice. This course is also for you if you are someone who wants to enhance your own intuitive powers so you can transform your life for the better. Everyone has intuitive skills, but as we get older we forget how powerful it can be to listen to our gut instincts and other signs from the Universe and we spend most of our lives making decisions based on logic, discounting that little voice inside us, which is the key to our happiness. This course will teach you a range of strategies you can use to develop your own or your clients intuition – a skill that will enhance every area of your life for the better. You will also receive a certificate that should be valid for insurance purposes. This is a beginner’s course and provides an overview of some tools you can use to help you work more intuitively with clients. **PLEASE BE AWARE I AM CURRENTLY ONLY ABLE TO PROVIDE YOU WITH A UDEMY CERTIFICATE** I look forward to meeting you all. Love, Angie xx

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