Introduction to Spencerian Handwriting by Doris Fullgrabe

Udemy course Introduction to Spencerian Handwriting by Doris Fullgrabe

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  • Author: Doris Fullgrabe
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  • Category: Personal Development
  • Modality: Online
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Abouth Doris Fullgrabe

Born and raised in Germany, I have lived and worked in Scotland, England, Spain, the Canary Islands, Mexico, Texas, and New York City, before moving to Brooklyn.

Introduction to Spencerian Handwriting

What the udemy Introduction to Spencerian Handwriting course teaches?

What you’ll learn Rules and components of the Spencerian handwriting style Uppercase and lowercase alphabet Numbers Using tools like guidelines Adopting a beginners mindset

Learn How To Write in Cursive!

More information about the course Introduction to Spencerian Handwriting

In this class, we’re going to cover the component strokes, connections, and spacing rules of writing letters in Spencerian cursive, as well as all lowercase and uppercase letters. Based on the system developed by Platt Rogers Spencer in 1840, the Spencerian script has been taught in American businesses and schools until the 1920s. Strict rules allow this form of penmanship to attain levels of mathematical precision, while leaving room for adding personal character to your handwriting with flourishes in the capital letters. Since this is a class for handwriting practice, we won’t insist on being 100% precise. I want you to feel comfortable using this cursive style in everyday situations. So we’ll start by going over the component strokes and the rules, and then it’s up to you how many you want to break as we go on practicing individual letters, and writing words and phrases. Since you will be learning a new way of writing, it doesn’t matter what your handwriting looks like now. So feel free to get back into a beginners mindset, which means this might be frustrating at first, but if you keep at it, you’ll see progress in no time. You’ll also find three extra lessons where I’ll demo warm-up drills and exercises, and we’ll also take a quick look at the Palmer method for handwriting, and the differences between Spencerian handwriting, Spencerian Calligraphy, and Spencerian Letting. Ready? Let’s get started!

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