Introduction to PLC’s [Programmable Logic Controllers]-07-21 by Dr. Oscar Rodriguez

Udemy course Introduction to PLC’s [Programmable Logic Controllers]-07-21 by Dr. Oscar Rodriguez

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  • Author: Dr. Oscar Rodriguez
  • Course rating: 4.1
  • Category: IT & Software
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Dr. Oscar Rodriguez

Oscar “Dr.O” Rodriguez’s academic credentials include a combination of international teaching and consulting in engineering and technology. He holds undergraduate degrees in engineering technology (electronics, robotics and instrumentation), a Master’s of Science in Electronics & computers, a Specialist and doctoral degree in technology and management. Additionally, Dr. Rodriguez holds various technical professional certifications in electronics manufacturing, advanced manufacturing technologies, fiber optics, renewable energy, robotics, and control systems cybersecurity.

Introduction to PLC's [Programmable Logic Controllers]-07-21

What the udemy Introduction to PLC’s [Programmable Logic Controllers]-07-21 course teaches?

What you’ll learn Understand PLC’s basic arquitecture Utilize Basic PLC’s Programming Software Identify PLC’s Harware and Components Set up PLC System for Programming and Operation Utilize Design Methods to Implement Small-Scale PLC Projects Program standard applications in ladder logic language

This course is a great introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers Theory, Principles, and Programming Applications.

More information about the course Introduction to PLC’s [Programmable Logic Controllers]-07-21

This course is a basic introduction to the world of PLC’s. Specifically, course presents the use of the PIB [PLC-in-A-Box] and the Allen Bradley Micro_Logix 1000 controller and hardware and software. Course Outline: SECTION 1: AN INTRODUCTION TO PIB, Lesson 1: Intro to the PIB , Lesson  2: Setting Drivers for the PIB Lesson  3: Verifying Communication with the PIB , Lesson  4: The PIB Software Overview , Lesson  5: Selecting the PIB Processor Lesson  6: The PIB Basic Commands Library , Lesson  7: The PIB Software Data Files , Lesson  8: The PIB First Project Lesson  10: Testing the First PIB Project SECTION 2: PRINCIPLES OF PLC THEORY, -Relay and ladder logic principles, -Defining PLC-what is a PLC? -Justifying the use of PLC–why are they used?, -Ways to represent input and output elements, -Conversion of relay to ladder -Schematic electrical to ladder logic conversion SECTION 3: PLC SYSTEM SET UP, -PLC Design process, -7-Steps method to design PLC projects, -Computer logic and ladder logic -What is inside a PLC-computer architecture?, -PLC ladder logic programming fundamentals -PLC system set up for programming and operation SECTION 4: PLC STANDARD APPLICATIONS, -Program Start-Stop ladder, -Program Jogging to Start-stop -Program Forward-reverse ladder application, -Program ON-OFF delay timer application And much more….always improving this course.

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