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  • Author: Sarah Pattison
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Abouth Sarah Pattison

As an educator with a background in Religious Studies, I have spent over a decade traveling and working in consciously diverse communities. Over and over again, when issues with communication arose, I found myself being the go-to team member who was called upon to step in as a mediator, editor, organizer, tour guide and all-around animateur. I have witnessed both: the wide-spread interest in other cultures and desire to learn more about them; as well as the apprehension that bubbles to the surface when groups are faced with the task of building effective coalitions amongst people from different backgrounds. “Hate” is not the primary cause conflict in our daily lives, it is this apprehension. Encountering unfamiliar beliefs or practices often triggers a defensive response, be it feigned indifference or outright rejection. I have found the most effective way to ease this tension, without putting people further on the defensive, is through combining education with entertainment, centered on neutral topics, like food or art or holiday traditions, conducted in a neutral “safe” space. Getting to know our neighbors in person has become much more difficult, and existing online courses such as corporate training programs do not meet the needs of all students. And while there are lots of social media groups formed with the express intent of creating diverse networks, I’ve found that in practice, homogenous groups are mostly talking amongst themselves, but not talking to each other. There are very few online enrichment materials that address practical, concrete ways of building bridges. As an alternative, CultureInsight’s Know Your Neighbor series was created to be an interactive and fun online tool designed to spark interest, build confidence and enable learners from diverse cultures to connect and engage with each other.

Indian Food Culture

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Explore the rich history, politics, geography, language of India… through the lens of food culture. Learn to navigate the menu at an Indian restaurant. Expand your repertoire of interesting topics of conversation. Discover a wealth of information about spices and their uses.

Explore the rich history, politics, religion, geography, language of India… through the lens of food culture.

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