IN TOUCH WITH YOUR INNER VOICE Level 1 / Course 6 by Linda Vera Roethlisberger

Udemy course IN TOUCH WITH YOUR INNER VOICE Level 1 / Course 6 by Linda Vera Roethlisberger

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Course data:

  • Author: Linda Vera Roethlisberger
  • Course rating: 3.5
  • Category: Personal Development
  • Modality: Online
  • Status: Available
  • Idiom: English

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Abouth Linda Vera Roethlisberger

In the summer of 2012, Linda Vera Roethlisberger founded the charitable Trilogos®Foundation , recognizing that individual personality formation and development not only plays a key role in one’s well-being but also contributes to societal development. Hence, the Foundation promotes the formation of conscience as well as the quest of finding meaning and values of the individual as a way to serve the higher goals of working towards a global ethic and world peace. Peace begins with each one of us.


What the udemy IN TOUCH WITH YOUR INNER VOICE Level 1 / Course 6 course teaches?

What you’ll learn Perception and Intuition training • Personal growth • Finding meaning • Taking responsibility • Consciousness formation • Fostering talent • Managing stress Improve your sense of perception Evaluate your self-assessment Train your consciousness Train your intuition Strengthen your connection to the core of your being, as a path to finding meaning Develop your personality Unfold towards and beyond your true self Assume and bear responsibility for yourself and as part of society

Course 6: Bringing mind and matter into harmony

More information about the course IN TOUCH WITH YOUR INNER VOICE Level 1 / Course 6

The Trilogos online training is a self-guided, three-step course, your personal path of individuation towards competence in being human ! The Trilogos Method offers a path to individuation, or self-discovery, a process-based work for achieving psychological balance and equilibrium. The methodology is based on guided meditations, or so-called dream or image journeys, that connect with different levels of consciousness. In that process, people learn to interpret and get to know their own symbolic language. The self-guided online course In Touch With Your Inner Voice begins with Level 1: PsyQ® – Living consciously. In Course 6 (of a total of 6 courses) you will learn to bring mind and matter into harmony . Objectives of Course 6 Recognize the connection between mind and matter. Implement ideas and intentions creatively. Find meaning and value through spiritual work. Joy and sorrow are brought into balance: we learn to accept things the way they are. Course 6:   containing 5 sections with a total of 5 subsections containing 4 audio exercises. In this sixth course, consisting of four units, we continue exploring and experiencing spirituality. Spirituality is a way for those interested, be they co-creators, knowledge producers or simply among those seeking to master the art of living, to discover new as well as old pathways. In the TRILOGOS training, participants receive inspiration for taking responsibility for their actions. Joy and sorrow gain a new equilibrium: More and more signs appear and wonders happen in everyday practice. In connection with the higher self, the true self and Logos, your ego powers will develop into personal strength and force coming from within and be brought into harmony with the higher self: My will and thy will be done! The ABC of the Trilogos®Method Recognizing, naming, deciding responsibly and taking action Throughout the course, and at the end of the entire course series of Level 1, you will notice that a sense of inner experience and certainty is increasingly helping you to adopt more authentic attitudes and decisions, in turn leading to real and simple action and efficacy out of the forces of love, goodness and benevolence. This can be expressed in the following simple formula: IQ + EQ + SQ = PsyQ Ideally, you will be working through each of the individual course exercise units: Open and read the one-page Trilogos online chart before each exercise. It will briefly explain what you can expect in this lesson and how you can work with it afterwards. 1. You hear or read a body relaxation exercise, and bring body, mind and soul into harmony. 2. You imagine how you consciously know yourself to be connected with the Creative Power (God, Allah, highest consciousness, NOTHING, etc.) and a spiritual helper (higher self, human potential or PsyQ). 3. You experience carefully guided meditation journeys in a waking or daydream (audio-video, preferably with closed eyes). 4. You experience an individual surprise in the form of a symbolic gift. 5. You experience a responsibly guided return to everyday life. 6. You recognize – name – interpret your individual symbolic language of the soul. 7. And you draw references between what you experienced and your own life in matters of health, work/finance and relationships. 8. You make a resolution and implement it in your everyday life. Develop your human competence with the Trilogos Method !

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